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Monday, August 14, 2006
The Corner on National Review Online: "So the very receipt of powerful weaponry from allied nation-states makes terrorist groups more likely to take destabilizing risks–especially because they don’t have countries to defend, or a public to whom they are accountable. Terrorist groups are simply organizations composed of people who live to die. Now substitute weapons of mass destruction for rockets and you see how quickly a rogue state in league with a terrorist organization could plunge the world into a nuclear conflict, even when it doesn’t intend to do so."
Sonuvabitch did it to me twice in one day.


nomdeblog said...

The convergence of these three things are toxic:

1. Despots heading up rogue states with access to oil funds
2. Young male terrorists looking for excitement
3. Access to just-in-time delivery of WMD’s that are dropping in price and increasing in availability.

It’s frustrating to try to explain various scenarios to the utopians on how these 3 toxic cocktail ingredients might converge. It’s foolhardy to wait until they do converge.

Skookumchuk said...

The imponderable is our reaction to an untraceable event, and what may follow - and whether we are right in our assumptions of who did it, or are proven wrong. Or if our inability to know paralyzes us into inaction.