On the Ballot

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled unanimously that Congressman Tom Delay will remain on the ballot for the November election in Texas.

The 3-judge panel was composed of two Clinton appointees, Fortunato Benavides and James L. Dennis, and a George W. Bush appointee, Edith Brown Clement.

Ann Coulter's weekly column published this morning may be prescient: "How does Tom 'soon to be acquitted and re-elected' DeLay grab you?"


David Thomson said...

Tom DeLay’s congressional district is just a mile away from my front door. He is going to have a rough fight on his hands. Nonetheless, he should win by a tip of a nose. What gives DeLay the slight edge? He has a superb organization behind him---and the district is still largely Republican.

lurker said...

Hehehe! He has my vote. His opponent has been advertising on TV for the last few weeks and Tom hasn't. Tom's got an advantage of Lampoon. He's already too well-known that he doesn't need to campaign as hard as Lampoon.

We'll see.

P.S. He's actually about an hour away from my house but in the same district.

gumshoe1 said...

does Lampoon have national ambitions?

Rick Ballard said...

Not for long.

Glenmore said...

Didn't DeLay ask to be removed from the ballot because he was an ineligible candidate, having officially 'moved' to Washington? As such, if he was to win re-election would he not be ineligible to serve? I would think he does not even have enough time before the election to re-establish Sugarland as his legal residence. What happens if an ineligible candidate wins? Does the governor appoint a replacement? Do they hold a special election? Does the second-place finisher get the office?

CF said...

It seems to be the Court ruling would bar anyone from claiming he wasn't a Texas resident.

gumshoe1 said...

BTW,brylun -

your graphic makes Delay
look like he's posing
for a mug shot.

i doubt Mr. Delay
would appreciate that.

Eric Blair said...

Something similar happened in New Jersey with Toricelli being replaced by Lautenberg. Basically in contravention of NJ election laws.

This being New Jersey, the law doesn't really mean that much, so the Democrats got away with it.

vnjagvet said...

I agree with Clarice. The Fifth Circuit decision, unless overturned by SCOTUS seems to settle the issue of residence, since that was a litigated issue. Perversely, DeLay claimed he was not a Texas resident, and therefore should be removed from the ballot. But the Fifth Circuit disagreed with that position, and their decision trumps his claim.


That is DeLay's mug shot. He smiled for the camera depriving the Dems of a glum mugshot to use in ad campaigns.

Time for the DeLay machine to gear up and get out the vote.

New campaign theme:

DeLay: Because they asked for it.