“That,” said Holmes, “is the curious matter.”

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
The silent dogs this time are the great factories where the mainstream press has public opinion manufactured to their orders. Look at Gallaup, at CBS, at Rasmussen and at AP and you will find nary a word concerning the war in Lebanon. Only Pew has a report - and it is a positive report concerning suport for Israel.

Apparently the masters of the great press brothels have chosen to limit their support for terrorists for the moment. Not even the "made for mainstream" Hezbollah effort at Kana was enough to draw them. This is very untypical behavior on the part of a group able to find a dark cloud to cover any rainbow. Where are the editorials lambasting the administration for not "taking control"? In general they blame it for every sparrow that falls (and for not finding a cure for warts, too). Why aren't they howling?

I wish I could say that this is good news but I don't think so. There is something else cooking. Any speculation as to what it might be?


terrye said...

Maybe they are just waiting to see what happens.

CF said...

A Canadian friend just sent me an article by Chretian's foreign minister strongly condemning Hezb and supporting Israel.

Is Hezb not as good as Arafat in manipulating the press?
Or, is the big ME money there NOT backing Hezb?
Or, is the media (look at FNC's rating versus MSNBC) catching on that if people don't want this crap you can't make them watch/read it?
Don't know--but it's way over time.
Now, to keep nailing the press agencies' photogs..

David Thomson said...

“Why aren't they howling?”

Too many American Jews are finally waking up to reality. The MSM and its Democratic Party allies realize the danger. It’s probably that simple.

Syl said...

No. I think they're just stunned.

John Lynch said...

Interesting questions Rick.

My guess is that they (MSM) are not supporting, but are not YET howling. There is no clear gain for them to do so. It cannot yet be directly tied to their champions' political fortunes, or their political enemies’ detriment.

Further, there is a real chance that this could blow up and Israel could find itself in real existential trouble. Maybe they realize this and would in the end support Israel.

Finally, this has elements of sectarian disputes between Shi'a and Sunni. There is a great deal more audience and money, and market for them in the Sunni world.

I don't know if any of these have impact on their coverage decisions, but whoever makes such decisions has got to be aware of each of these factors.

Knucklehead said...

The bits and pieces of Presse Ancienne are driven by four major forces to varying degrees: ideology (or, rather, sophomoric blathering promoted to ideology), money, social status, and fear.

Over the years the Arrafat & Saddam machines (and the Saudis) had developed excellent skills for managing each of these major forces within the Presse Ancienne. They knew how to stroke egos and shallow intellects and when and how far to turn the money and fear knobs.

The Saudi machine is probably feeling nothing more than mildly serious pressure but the Arrafat and Saddam machinery is wheezing, chugging, screeching and grinding - on its last legs and barely able to turn the generator.

How the status and ideological control knobs have begun to fail is a topic for some long discussion.

The money knob can't work until the ciruitry is rerouted and that is probably quite difficult under current conditions (ponder, if you will, why the Presse Ancienne is so keen to try and hinder the US in particular and the West in general in the financial portion of the GWoT).

The fear knob is the only one that has effects similar to what it has has lo these many years. But since it is the only one available it is being turned with far too much vigor and its value is slowly being reduced.

In the past the master thugs of the Great Terrorist Extortion Network tweak and tune all their knobs at their leisure. It is not so at the moment and both master and slave are mightily confused.

Rick Ballard said...


I've been wondering about the existential nature of the threat to Isreal as being primary. They have nothing left to cede (the farms are the flimsiest excuse I've ever seen) and the Hezzies aren't slowing up. There's nothing left to give but Jewish blood and that fact might be driving the quiet.

There is also the possibility that part of what was smuggled out of Iraq in '03 included some rockets with decent range and enough VX to cause problems if they reach Tel Aviv.

Perhaps Knuck is entirely correct, confusion has control and inaction is the chosen course.