There IS a bright side.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
The politics will work itself out. Meanwhile...

The Baalbek raid is over.

After the raid on the ancient city of Baalbek ended, the Israeli military said it had captured some guerrillas and hit others. The military statement said all its soldiers returned unharmed to their base, but gave no further details.

And here is some positive and fierce analysis from ThreatsWatch:

Their conclusion:

Assad loves his palaces and Iran is trapped on the wrong side of the Persian Gulf.

The clock ticks for Hizballah.

The current negative punditry is based on the assumption that Hezbollah can't be beaten. And all the politics derive from that, including the assumed reaction of the rest of the Lebanese when the fighting is over. Hezbollah is desparate for a ceasefire--one they cannot call themselves. But all I hear from those who are really in control (ie, 'our' side) is a whispered 'not yet'.

Hang on to your hats!


Luther McLeod said...

Thanks for the update Syl. I shall sleep a little better tonight. Shortly.

All's well that end's well.

Peter UK said...

I hope they have picked up on of those fat,four eyed moon-faced little creeps that our middle eastern warrior types seem to have a crush on.

terrye said...

I hope this will be over soon. For everyone's sake.

And Hezbellah can be beaten.