What happens when a committee designs a Super Hero?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

When a committee designs a Super Hero you end up with the likes of Captain Euro. You have to follow the link and poke around the site to appreciate the true insanity of it.

To leave you inspired, Captain Ero's motto is, "To use, wherever possible, intellect, culture and logic - not violence - to take control of difficult criminal situations." Well yea, I guess that's good enough if the best your Eeeevil Villians can muster is a smoke grenade.

From Tim Blair


terrye said...

Oh puleaze.

Peter UK said...

The mosr impressive phrase is this,

"we get a sexy MEP as the heroine. Among the lines of dialogue are:

“You can laugh! Wait until you’ve seen my amendments to the commission proposal!”

Straight out of the "Collectivists Handbook"

You can just hear this geezer spouting that one to his mates