Which Way the Wind Blows

Monday, August 14, 2006

This post is meant to complement Seneca's post below. Examine the intensity ratings by decade and see if anything interesting pops out. It sure looks as if 1930-60 was quite a time for storms compared to the subsequent 30-40 years. Admittedly, this involves strikes, but it is helpful nonetheless. This information comes to us from NOAA by the way, so it must obviously be a vicious neocon plot.


Syl said...

I've only been paying attention to hurricanes since the Weather Channel debuted.

I'd get all excited in June when hurricane season started. But nothing would really happen 'til towards the end of August, then things started really popping in September.

Last season was an aberration.

This season is normal again.

And if historic patterns are repeated, the mid-Atlantic states will get more than their usual share this season.

We'll see.

Knucklehead said...

But but but but but but, Barry! Look at the chart! ALL of category 5 storms in all of recorded hurricane history have happened in the past 60 or so years! Note, please, how that corresponds with the rise of the US as one of the world's superpowers. Huh, huh...

Everything is getting worse all the time. As if things haven't been bad enough all these many millenia. (And also note how the worsening is accelerating since the US became the sole uberhyperhegemon and, especially, since Chimpy McBu$hitler siezed control of the US and the UN with his moronic evil-genius corporatist, military coup.)

Haven't you been paying attention to TV and such?!?

A mega-icestorm is going to stall over Toronto or Montreal (probably both) which, in addition to killing half the people in Canada will knock out the power grid for the entire northeast quadrant of the US.

Then a category 6 hurricane (the first ever) is going to roar up the eastern seaboard knocking down every skyscraper and flooding every major city from DC to Beantown and beyond.

Then a huge tectonic quake off the Pacific northwest coast is going to create the gnarliest mega-tsunami ever and it will wipe out everything halfway to Idaho.

Then the biggest solar storm ever imagined is going to wipe out the rest of the power grid all over the earth.

Then a hundred km asteroid is going to fragment in the atmosphere and take out at least 4 of the earth's largest 10 cities.

Then the entire midsection of the US will split and enormous sand geysers will bury St. Louis. The course of the Mississippi will be altered in such a way to wipe out every major population center.

Then F-8 tornadoes will clobber Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and Chicago and all points in between.

Before we can even count the number of women and children killed in all that the Mother of All Volcanoes will errupt under every major National Forrest and denude the nation of old-growth trees (not to mention hermity curmudgeons).

Then one of the Canary Islands will chirp in the coal mine, fall apart, and unleash yet another uber-mega-tsunami and will barely be subsided before the ice caps collapse and the earth settles in to permanent 100 deg C heat.

Hurricanes are just the tip of the iceberg.

Knucklehead said...

Oh, yeah, and what is that idiot, Shrub, doing to prepare us for all that. Nothing, that's what! He's got our military, which everyone agrees was always intended to be our disaster response organization, scattered all over the globe rather than sitting around rolling bandages and maintaining their water makers and generators like they did when Bubba ran the show the way the show was meant to be run.

Rick Ballard said...


Settle down. My communications from Rove indicate that none of those things will occur if the Republicans retain control of Congress. There is a modest Category 3 planned for late September and a Category 2 scheduled for the second week of October.

The rest of the stuff is being held in reserve until after the election outcome is known.

Knucklehead said...

You're blowing smoke, Ballard. Everyone knows only Democrats - and New Democrats at that - can save us from the Wrath of Gaia.