The answer I'd like to see.

Friday, August 11, 2006
I'm listening to the sock puppet of Hezbollah acting Foreign Minister of Lebanon, and frankly I'd like to see Condi Rice respond by telling Marines to take him out of the building and beat some sense into him.

But once you start that, how many other foreign ministers would have to be beaten?

In any case, the way I'd like to see the Israeli ambassador respond is this: "We appreciate the Foreign Minister's statement, and would like to assure him that if Hezbollah even thinks of shooting another rocket at Israel, then he will look at this current unpleasantness as a walk in the park compared to what we'll do next time."


lurker said...

Here is what Allahpundit caught:

"Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora received a copy of the US-French draft resolution, government officials said. He was studying the document and contacting politicians for their input, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

The officials refused to say whom Saniora was talking with, but the leading Lebanese Broadcasting Corp., said he was in touch with Hizbullah officials as well as parliament speaker Nabih Berri, Hizbullah’s de facto negotiator."

Deal with Hezbollah

Peter UK said...

I'm sure Dr Rice doesn't need Marines to do that.

lurker said...

And...Walid Phares is totally unhappy:

"or anyone who still thinks the Israeli-Lebanon war is just a border scuffle, one Middle East expert shouts a dire warning: "As soon as a cease fire occurs, the ‘Hezbollah Blitzkrieg' will crumble the ‘Lebanese Republic of Weimar' and install its own ‘Khumeinist Republic' on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean. The consequences of such a development are far beyond imagination for the region and the world. Hezbollah would have paved the way for Iran to create the mother of all world threats since Hitler."

Over at counterterrorism site:

Iran Poised To Be "Mother of All World Threats"

The worse part is the following:

"Hezbollah and its allies will take the rest of the country and eliminate the Cedars Revolution [the Lebanese Democracy movement]. That is a certainty. Then the two camps will clash in a wider war in few more months."

lurker said...

Well, Michelle Malkin thinks we're waving the white flag and Hizbullah's.

Peter UK said...

It appears as Mr Ballard predicted Olmert buggered up the IDF's plan which they had been workin on for three years.

Seneca the Younger said...

Michelle is not the source I'd find most credible here, being one of the leaders of the Eeyore Caucus.

Sure looked cute in that teeshirt yesterday, though.

vnjagvet said...

That's what you get with a "litigator" at the controls during a war. Olmert tried to bluff and failed to use the tools he had to demonstrate (rather than fake)strength.

Without that demonstration, and the will to see a combined arms blitz through to completion, the negotiations were doomed.

Bolton did the best he could with a poorly led client.

I don't know enough about Israeli politics to know whether there is anyone in the wings, but Olmert deserves the boot.

terrye said...

Well Michelle thinks anything short of a mushroom cloud over Tehran is surrender.

Believe it or not Michelle does not have access to all the information that the parties actually involved in the process have and I am tired of certain people on the right adopting the same attitude of unrealistic expectations that people on the left adopt all them time.

From what I have read it seems that there is nothing really stopping Israel from continuing to fight. And if Michelle is waiting for a surrender from the likes of Hizbellah she can give that up. Ain't gonna happen no matter what the UN or Israel comes up with it.