- Herald Columnists: Psalm 9-11: I will fear no evil

Sunday, August 13, 2006 - Herald Columnists: Psalm 9-11: I will fear no evil: "Strong, ruthless men and women go long hours without sleep for you. They do everything they can to keep you safe. They are your shield. They will kill for you, and die for you.You can take comfort from that knowledge and draw strength from their example.
But that is not enough. There is something you have to find within yourself. It may be that one day, our shield will fail, and the insidious foe that operates from beyond our borders and even within them will penetrate that shield and kill some of us again.
You must decide for yourself that you will not let them deter you from your path. If they rise against you, you must be prepared to meet them. Prepared to be ruthless in defense of what you love. It may mean that you will die. We all do someday. As a friend of mine who knew what he was talking about once said, it’s not a matter of whether we will die, but how we will die. And when the time comes, the best we can hope for in this life, the one thing we might be able to control, is that we die well. "


Pastorius said...

It sure is good to see someone in the MSM really lay it on the line.

Mollie said...

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Heather said...
so, Good Morning! On a bright and sunny day, a Sunday, I have to say that asserting that Christianity was a totally bloodthirsty religion (Cathars, Pogroms against Jews, the Inquisition, and all the other bad things you can dredge up) misses out a number of the good things, too: like an abiding curiosity of how this world works, because God gave us this world and was pleased with it (admittedly, not so much with we humans, as noted throughout the Pentateuch and the New Testament). There is within the sayings of Christ, a respect for Pity, for the weak, the young and the forlorn; there is a respect for the working man, the artisan; there is a thorough division between Caesar and God; and when he turned his back on his mother, he showed that we should aspire to a wider community than our tribe.

From the earliest time, when Constantine sat in on (and clearly was an observer only), the first Church Council at Nicaea in 325 there has been a fruitful tension between ruler and church. This tension does not exist in Islam.

The Bible, the Torah, are God's messages THROUGH THE AGENCY OF HUMAN BEINGS, ie, Moses, the Prophets, the Apostles, Paul. One completely striking thing about the "Old Testament" is the sheer humanity of Moses and David and Samuel. They are completely HUMAN.

The Koran is the DIRECT WORD OF GOD AND THEREFORE IT IS UNCHANGING, IMMUTABLE, AND FITS IN WELL WITH THE TRIBE. Mohammed was a Conqueror of non-Believers, a mouthpiece for Allah.

Anyway, the Euro west, after Rome disintegrated, and Constantinople took its place (the latter lasted for 1000 years, people!), Euro's population radically decreased - through war and famine, much like today's Africa after the Colonialists skedaddled in the 1960s.

Charlemagne's Aachan, his capital, had a population of some 6,000 people, and he carried his 'treasury' around with him on his travels, while he established what we call 'Europe' in bags on the back of donkeys (the Roman roads had gone to hell by his time).

How did he finance his Wars? How did Europe finance its way out of complete poverty? Aside from Amber and fur... it exported humans, to the one place that had slave marts and money: the rich, vibrant WORLD OF ISLAM. Byzantium did not provide such a market place - it was Christian to the core - although it was an entrepot for this trade, of course.

As to slavery: it was Christian ideals - and the Industrial Revolution - that finally brought that practise to an end.

Christians respect and honour Life, all Life (OK, not all the time, but we aspire to do so). If you wonder what it was like to live in pre Christian Rome, look at today's non Christian China - where the government/army murders young people for their body parts; where they abort or throw away girl babies.

But now, as we grow too sophisticated, too advanced, for this primitive blood loving Christianity, we OK abortion, including abortion of girl children, and ESPECIALLY children with 'handicaps'; we have become utilitarian non believers. We are ready to fall back into the warm unthinking Tribe of Islam.


Posted by: heather

11:52 AM, August 13, 2006

Charlie (Colorado) said...

Heather, don't you think that's getting pretty close to trolling, seeing as it doesn't have anything to do with the posting and I answered you on Roger's blog anyway?