Thursday, August 10, 2006 "Bush certainly seems to have hit the sweet spot -- prosecuting the war vigorously enough to anger the antiwar left, but not vigorously enough to please the prowar right."


David Thomson said...

It boils down to this: we are often forced to go along with the lesser of evils. George W. Bush often leaves much to be desired. However, the Democrats would be far worse. End of story.

Knucklehead said...

Public dissatisfaction with the handling of Iraq or the GWoT is high because, despite the widely accepted myth of some great political center, he is too close to the center of the spectrum of opinion on how things should be handled.

On one edge of the spectrum is the "pull in the gangplanks, raise the drawbridges, and sandbag the borders and let the world go to hell" gang.

Then there's the "war never solved anything... reinforcing the cycle of violence... the only solution is talk and diplomatic engagement" crowd.

Then there's the "identify and support their Ghandi and run the replicators 24/7 to provide them everything they need to make them love us" gang.

And no doubt several other schools of thought leading to the other end of the spectrum to the "kill 'em all and Allah sort 'em out" gang.

Very little of that spectrum is likely to be the least bit approving of Bush's policy which is something like, "Nobody has figured out how to deal with the problem but we can't ignore it anymore, we've gotten nowhere over the past quarter century and things have gotten increasingly ugly over the past 15 years. Let's fight the war and, like every other war we'll figure it out as we go. But let's see if we can win this thing without obliterating millions of people. We know where the button is and all out war is 30 minutes from there, so let's see if we can make things better before we get to those 30 minutes."

That's way too nuanced and sophisticated for the average human to comprehend. The average person needs something that'll fit a bumper sticker.

terrye said...

Well you know I am getting tired of all these self syled experts trying to tell everyone else what is right. I know I am no expert. I honestly believe that there is at least a decent chance that Bush knows as much about dealing with all this than I do or some DC lawyer does. Silly me.