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Saturday, August 12, 2006
It's fascism - Editorials/Op-Ed - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper: " Fascism is a chauvinistic political philosophy that exalts a group over the individual -- usually a race or nation, but in this case the adherents of a religion. Fascism also espouses centralized autocratic rule by that group in suppression of others. It usually advocates severe economic and social regimentation and the total or near-total subordination of the individual to the political leadership. This accurately describes the philosophies of Hitler, Mussolini, the leaders of Imperial Japan and other fascistic regimes through history. It also describes Thursday's terrorists. "


truepeers said...

exactly! and perhaps one sign of fascism (though not exclusively of it) is a need to make a fetish of words and definitions as if to make reality conform to language, indeed to be at the command of language, instead of language being a mere tool that opens a window onto reality but does not define it.

terrye said...

People made a big thing of Bush calling the terrorists fascists, but he has done it before. I just think it takes people by surprise. But AlQaida and their ilk are fascists by nature. No doubt about that.

Peter UK said...

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