Jackie Mason: Mel No Anti-Semite

Monday, August 07, 2006
Jackie Mason: Mel No Anti-Semite: "When Cavuto asked, 'Who was that rabbi who suggested maybe Mel Gibson should apologize to his congregation on Yom Kippur?' Mason shot back: 'You know why? Because nobody knows who this rabbi is. Who cares who he is! All of a sudden he becomes a producer, all of a sudden he's producing a show with him and Mel Gibson and he'll become the star of the show and then you'll see it in the newspapers: 'STARRING RABBI SCHWARTZ WITH MEL GIBSON' -- he'll probably get second billing because it's another rabbi looking for attention. They decided -- the judge and the jury of this whole situation -- they've become a personal mafia now because who knows who they are? Who would pay attention to them? Foxman and this other guy are loving it.'"

He said a number of other wise things, but I thought this one particularly was a good point: once you are making a living out of asking people for money to fight X, there's sure an incentive never to win.


CF said...

I agree. With the passage of a full range of anti-discrimination laws, ADL and NAACP are fairly irrelevan and tools of self-aggrandizement of its leaders.

Pastorius said...

Abe Foxman is focused on the dangers of Christian conservatives and Mel Gibson, and meanwhile, the whole world is going up in flames around him, and he doesn't even notice.

Abe Foxman is a classic case of the guy who has outlived his mission. He's still fighting the wars of 40 years ago.

Seneca the Younger said...

I still don't get it, you know? I know lots of drunks (one of the side effects of being a Red Indian) and cripes, I don't believe them when they say "play Freebird! It's the besht song inna world!" Why in God's name would I take Mel Gibson more seriously?

Barry Dauphin said...

You mean Freebird isn't the best song in the world?

Seneca the Younger said...

Barry, that's a separate argument. I'm just saying you wouldn't normally take a drunk's word on it.

(Besides, it's "Stairway to Heaven".)

David Thomson said...

“Abe Foxman is a classic case of the guy who has outlived his mission. He's still fighting the wars of 40 years ago.”

Abe Foxman instinctively believes that the real enemy is always to the right. Liberals might occasionally get a little goofy---but the right wingers represent the ultimate threat. Foxman is old enough to remember the era of the “gentleman’s agreement.” He has never forgotten---nor forgiven.