Mohammed Speaks the Truth

Thursday, August 03, 2006
From Mohammed at Iraq the Model:

Although we have greater issues to be concerned about here in Baghdad I feel I must talk about the Arab media and its deception campaign and that's because wars in both Lebanon and Iraq are largely the same.

In both cases the media functions not only as a means to deliver news but had long turned into an effective weapon that is not the least interested in objectivity or factuality. The Arab media shamelessly sided with terrorism (or resistance from their perspective) and this propaganda machine funded by the evil powers in our region continues poisoning the minds of their Arab audience to feed the totally needless hatred towards the world.
I'm frankly tired of all this, tired of showing defeats as victories and tired of all the lies about power, heroism and legends…lie, lie, lie and then lie again and add some flavor to the report with some poetry or irrelevant words of wisdom and turn that report into a commemoration of a fading era of countless defeats.

I wish the world could see what we are watching here and know the truth about this war, if what you outside the middle east are watching is news, know that here we are getting lies, deception, propaganda and slogans in the outfit of news and analysis, all for the purpose of keeping the region and especially Arabs in the seemingly forever lasting dream that is directed to keep them on the same side with terrorists and , sooner rather than later, collapsing regimes.

Our media and its dishonorable message is cornering the citizen in his home 24/7/365, it portraits all others as enemies and terror as resistance, it alienates the other voice and reflects only one perspective in a horrendously similar manner as if all media networks signed the same code of no ethics, as if all of them are only a changing face of one entity. The Arab media is one that approaches sentiments and ignores facts in order to foster a feedback that contains more hatred and less reason.

Perhaps the peak in the destruction curve inflicted by the Arab media on the Arab mind was in the exploitation of the Qana tragedy, I heard the news about the casualties among children and civilians and I knew that the armies of mourners were already being summoned, that incident was exactly what the media was looking for, a funeral to mourn our bad luck as we say here.

I was horrified by the ugly scenes of extracting the dead children's corpses from beneath the rubble. That scene was a disgusting act of begging for sympathy and an attempt to sell the dead childhood to serve an evil cause.
I doubt it that they were sad in their hearts, in fact I could feel them laughing inside as they found a chance they weren't even dreaming of, they found the scene they could use to support their sick theory that the other side is a an enemy of life and to invoke the tears and sentiments of support fo
r their war which they like to describe now as a genocide against Arabs and Muslims.

This is utter absurdity that challenges reason and diverts the view from the real criminal, the children-murdering butcher Nesrallah.
Don't ever think those criminals were hurt by that scene…No ladies and gentlemen, you are wrong if you think they were, they are just using the death of children as fuel for their propaganda machine and if they really care about the children and the innocent we would've seen similar angry reaction and uproar to what they show now when more than a hundred of children were massacred in two terror crimes in Baghdad in 2004 in Hay al-Amil and 2005 in New Baghdad.

This is a long post and deserves to be read as a whole.

He finishes with the following:

The entire world must realize that this war is every one's war and not only the middle east's, and when the terrorists wage their war in Baghdad and Beirut, the two capitals that practiced democracy, they are telling us that they do not want the change to succeed.
It is not because democracy is bad that Baghdad and Beirut are under attack now but it's because the enemies of democracy and liberty are so evil, so cruel and so determined to deny us the right to build a true democracy, therefore we must face them with greater determination.
Let us identify the real murderers and eliminate them from amongst us with no mercy if we want to enjoy real and long-lasting peace

I think maybe the world is getting sick of the media and their hysterical and manufactured outrage of certain events. I wondered at this myself...what about the children of Iraq who are murdered in the streets and on the school buses by the same kind of terrorists the Israelis are fighting now, don't they matter?


Syl said...

I don't know how to fight this. It really seems impossible.

I think this is the most depressing post I've ever read about the Middle East.

These people are dooming themselves and taking the rest of the world along.

And in a sudden rush amid my doubts, I feel democracy IS the major part of the answer.

We've all been letting Bush and Iraq down by not fighting as hard as we used to. We're tired from all the negativity, but that's no excuse.


CF said...

I thought that piece was brilliant and despite efforts by the press (see Morley's piece in the Wa Po) to arrogantly dismiss the charges, I do not think they'll get away with Qana which was very evidently staged.

Unfortunately, the more significant point of this blog might not receive the coverage it deserves..

David Thomson said...

Mohammed of Iraq the Model has said nothing new to me. I have long known how desperate things are in the Arab world. The sad thing is this: few people share my understanding. There are far too many individuals who believe that the Israel/Palestinian conflict is the beginning and end of the crisis. The reality is that Arab culture has been royally screwed for minimally the last 400-500 years. Sooner or later, the crap was going to hit the fan---even if no Jews whatsoever existed on this planet!

terrye said...

I don't think it was depressing, because it seemed to me that at least some of the folks over there are catching on to the fact that they have been lied to by their press.

Hence he says they need another June 67.

rich said...

Mohammad of Iraq the Model is a wonderful blogger.

He is very thoughtful and, if you read him and his brother every day, you will hope the people of Iraq achieve success.

They are too good to live under tyranny.