More doctored pictures

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
These really are getting out of hand....

Reg saves doctored war pics for posterity | The Register


Rick Ballard said...


I think these shots from the NYT Pallywood Collection are just as good. All the 'news' that's fit to fake.

chuck said...


Looks pretty damning. I haven't agreed with all the putative phonies but I think this one is a keeper. I want to see it on FOX and CNN too!

Who is Tyler Hicks and what is his previous work? Ah, I see he is a war photographer for the NYTimes. He has also worked with Burns and has photographed both sides in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now in Lebanon and was interviewed on NPR on July 30. Oh, my, this could be big. It could make the controversy over Capa's falling soldier (was it staged?) look small.