Direct From Atlanta: Liveblogging the McKinney Race

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
9:40 PM

13% of the precincts reporting: 2581 Johnson 917 McKinney
73.8% 26.2%

These precincts are all from Gwinnett and Rockdale Counties. This is not McKinney country to say the least.

There is nothing here to indicate how this vote is going. Johnson must carry these precincts with high numbers. Whether this is high enough remains to be seen.

18% reporting

5,193 Johnson 1,648 McKinney
75.9% 24.1%

Still from the same counties. Still no DeKalb results.
Still the same comments.

33% of precincts reporting

Johnson 10,748 McKinney 6,931
60.8% 39.2%

By county:

5,555 5,283
868 328
4,325 1,320


51% reporting

Johnson 17,947 McKinney 12,945
58.1% 41.9%

County PR /TP

DEKALB 53/ 135 12,039 11,097
GWINNETT 22/24 1,583 528
ROCKDALE 15 /16 4,325 1,320

This is significant. More than 1/3 of DeKalb is in.

I don't know which precincts are out, but I suspect many are "her" precincts reporting slow.

Johnson held his own with this last group and CM actually lost some ground.

The question is who got out the vote in "their" precincts. The next chunk of precincts may tell us.


66% reporting
Johnson 25,152 McKinney 18,067
58.2% 41.8%

DEKALB 79/135 19,244 16,219
GWINNETT 22/24 1,583 528
ROCKDALE 15/16 4,325 1,320

McKinney is losing ground in DeKalb. Still tough to know what is out. This is a good sign for Johnson.


terrye said...

That is just humiliating.

vnjagvet said...


To early to tell.

Rick Ballard said...

It looks like a slow count by McKinney's people - all the other races are way ahead in percentage counted.

I wonder how many ballot boxes she has in her

terrye said...


True, but it will be hard to come back from this.

vnjagvet said...

As you can see, Terrye, it is tightening up a bit, and real close in DeKalb County.