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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
New Israeli General in Charge of Lebanon!!!


terrye said...

I hope it helps, but I still think there is a lot more to all this than picking the right general. I guess I have listened to so much second guessing in Iraq over the last couple of years that I have my doubts about how much difference this will make and how much a lot of people really know of what is going on.

I still think Israel is winning.

David Thomson said...

Israel is definitely winning. We are merely waiting for the tipping point when Hezbollah's forces start to completely collapse. The key may be Israel's ability to close down their supply lines.

Peter UK said...

This is "Horses for Courses" too much should not be made of a change of General,a different phase of a war often requires a changre in speciality,say from an Armoured Duvision General to an Infantry General and so forth.In WWII Generals came and went with great frequency,it could be the above,or political differences,or the need for a fresh perspective,it is no big deal.

Peter UK said...

The conflict in Lebanon seems to be divided into Jews and Civilians,so is it not time the Israeli Government started issuing civilian uniforms to all its citizens?

lurker said...

PUK, what a good idea! Only the Hezzies will not leave the civilians alone.

Looks like Israel just approved an expanded ground offensive. Good!

An Arab went online to speak:

“This is the time to address the Arab citizens of Israel, and tell them that the time has come for them to decide where they stand. And they should do so for their own sake, and not for the sake of the Jews. For the sake of the values they want to instill in their children. For the sake of retaining their intellectual dignity. It is clear to all that a Hamas-led Palestinian government and a Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon will not bring democratic societies with a flourishing political and social pluralism. It is clear that in regimes such as those, the rule of law, human rights, the freedom of religion and worship, women’s rights, the freedom of creation, the freedom of movement, the freedom of expression and thought - all will be alien, ridiculed concepts, to say the least.”

Over at Haaretz.

The UN Human Rights Council is meeting Friday at the request of Muslim nations to address the war and Israel's role. Geesch

Chavez made many Venezuela Jews unhappy by cutting all ties with Israel.

lurker said...

Over at Ynet:

IDF's new weapon: Snipers who fought in Cechnya, Afghanistan

Golani fighters joined by snipers hailing from states that fought in Chechnya, Afghanistan

Fighters of the 51st Battalion of Golani received aid from an unusual source Tuesday.

Peter UK said...

This may be the reason for the change of General.
"That being said, I also wonder whether the great vigor with which the IAF prosecutes violence across the whole of Lebanon has a longer-reach purpose than striking or hindering Hezbollah. Haaretz reported yesterday o of “Major General (reserve) Amos Gilad, who headed the research division of Military Intelligence in the 1990’s,”

Apparently, assuming the job of the defense minister’s diplomatic-security coordinator has not changed the veteran intelligence officer’s assessment of the situation. According to sources in the defense establishment, Gilad has succeeded in convincing the minister, Amir Peretz, and those around him that the key to the crisis in Lebanon lies in a peace agreement with Syria. Major General (reserve) Uri Saguy, who was chief of Military Intelligence and head of the negotiating team with Syria, relates that his public appeal (Haaretz, July 18) to open a channel of communication with Syria fell on open ears among his former colleagues in the IDF top brass. They told him that there are those in the General Staff who agree with his every word."

Donald Sensing

Peter UK said...

Yes but then there could be rallies and placards "We are All Civilians Now"

Rick Ballard said...


Peace with Syria entails the return of the Golan heights. Olmert and Peretz would be justly fired for suggesting it.

I have no problem with the performance of the IDF and making a general a scapegoat isn't going to fix the problem. The Israeli's are still taking casualties in Bint Jbeil because of crappy ROE - there shouldn't be a building left there for a hezzie to hide in.

The relief of the general is political CYA that is going to be detrimental to IDF morale. If Olmert and Peretz have a cunning plan up their sleeve it's very well hidden.

Peter UK said...

Well like modt politicians,they have probably "lost their bottle" faced with the reality of war.

Rick Ballard said...


Based on today's news it may be that they finally "found their bottle". Spetsnatz trained snipers who had previously been dismissed from service because they were thought to be too "trigger happy" have been recalled and sent to places where they will be useful. Those are the guys who did well for the Russians in Chechnya. Also, Israeli KIA today was 11 - which indicates that they are actually fighting. Finally, the Israelis have called up sufficient numbers of troops to actually subjugate the area south of the Litani - maybe a bit north of it, too. Beyond that, there was a firm committment to a minimum of a 30 day effort.

Better late than never.

Peter UK said...

In the early stages,it seemed that Israel was using Kosove tactics,the psychological impact of Qana shook Israel's leaders to the core,from then on,it was realised that this conflict needed to be up close and personal.
As Iv;e said elsewhere Hezbollah was using the same tactics that the Chechens used against the Russians,so the Spetznaz will bring valuable exoerience here.

lurker said...

Yoni the blogger said 3 things this evening (our time):

1. IDF has now reached 10 k, 6 miles into Lebanon. The IDF has gone farther north in less than one day of fighting the war correctly than in almost a month of prior fighting.

2. Syria for the first time since the Yom Kipper war in 1973 has issued orders to the civil guard to prepare the bomb shelters in Syria for use in the near future.

Is this a bluff or is the war about to enter a new front.

3. Just when you think Olmert and Peretz have learned.

I have just been told that the political leadership may stop the IDF assault on Hizballah in an attempt to give the UN a chance to make diplomacy work.

I see that France has threatened to break all talks with USA to come up with its own resolution, which will match the demands of the Arams.

So I think it would be a mistake if IDF pulls back. IDF needs to go all the way to Litani River and as fast as it could.

lurker said...

"The relief of the general is political CYA that is going to be detrimental to IDF morale. If Olmert and Peretz have a cunning plan up their sleeve it's very well hidden."

Haaretz said that Olmert and Perez would decide on expansion and time. The longer they wait, the more harm it could do to the IDF morale. Think they need to go all the way to Litani River as quickly as possible.

What I don't understand is that IDF has already started this massive move and expecting to take Litani River by Sunday, then the political news is that they are still holding back?

Is there something that's being censored that we don't know?