If you lay down with dogs...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
...you're bound to get fleas.

If this, this, this, this, and of course this were good enough to publish, just how silly was the stuff they didn't print? What in the world were they thinking using Hezb'Allah stringers and not even doing CYA with disclaimers? These are the folks who play-act at being too cosmopolitan to be fooled by American propoganda? And they fall for this transparent nonsense? Tranzi hubris writ large.

Anyhoo... I really would like to see the photos that came across their desks that they rejected. Surely, if the crud above got published, there are some real doozies in that pile.


CF said...

Charles has done a great job at LGF but you must go to Eureferendum--Which is doing a brilliant job on Qana . Tonight's post using the video and snaps argues persuasively that the Red Cross was in on the drama and the photogs had to know what was going on.
So many tips are coming in--Go to Malkin for a roundup..(A burning garbage dump , i.e. was captioned by US News as damage from an Israeli strike and by Time as flames from a shot down IAF jet)

Peter UK said...

They are not being fooled,they are going along with it,they have for years,the onluy difference is what side the bias is and for the first time the public have a means of comparison.