Tuesday, April 18, 2006

All Americans Must See 'United 93'

Dennis Prager has seen "United 93," the new film about "United Airlines Flight 93, hijacked on 9-11 by Islamic terrorists shortly after leaving Newark, N.J., for San Francisco. The terrorists intended to fly the plane to Washington, D.C., and crash it into the Capitol. Instead, the passengers fought back and forced the plane down in Pennsylvania, thereby saving the lives of any number of people on the ground in Washington and saving America from a devastating blow to its image."

"Five years after the most devastating attack on American soil, people are asking if Americans are ready to see a film -- not some fictional, politically driven, reality-distorting film by Oliver Stone, but a film based on the phone conversations of the passengers and flight attendants, on the flight recorder tape, and approved by the families of all 40 passengers -- one of the most terrible and heroic events in American history."

Prager recommends "go and see 'United 93,' to see why some Americans still take 'Home of the brave' seriously; and to see why we have to win this war more than any since World War II. That's how bad our enemy is."

Sounds like it's a "must-see" movie for me.


David Thomson said...

United 93 is the film the leftist elite does not want you to see. It should reinvigorate America’s commitment to the war on terror. The Republicans will probably do well in the November elections almost solely due to this single film. It is my understanding that United 93 pulls no punches regarding the evil of Islamic nihilism. The terrorists are clearly shown to be monsters.

Is it too early to release this movie? Hell no! Most people saying something this utterly ridiculous are hard core leftists. In their heart of hearts, if not even consciously, they perceive the terrorists as victims of capitalist imperialism. The United States richly deserved the “blow back” response of 9/11.

Knucklehead said...

I'm not much of a movie goer but I'll make a point of seeing this one.