Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Dana Priest / Joe Wilson Connection

The husband of Washington Post reporter Dana Priest runs a group that includes Joe Wilson as one of its speakers.

Sweetness and Light blog has discovered that William Goodfellow, husband of Priest, is executive director of the Center for International Policy (CIP), a group that uses Joe Wilson as a speaker. Indeed, Sweetness and Light has pictures of Priest and Wilson sharing the stage the same day at a CIP event.


Rick Ballard said...

Flopping Aces has done a good job on McCarthy's connections.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Our imperial overlords in DC have become a little too incestuous. That's one reason for the perennial appeal of the chimerical "third party". Beam us up oh Ross!

David Thomson said...

“Our imperial overlords in DC have become a little too incestuous.”

They perceive themselves to be members of a long established class of benevolent elites who must save the country from Republicans. Only Democrats are suppose to run things. Such extraordinary circumstances, in their minds, justify their illegal actions and back stabbing.