Saturday, April 22, 2006

Res Ipsa Loquitur

In Egypt:

From Egypt (Big Pharaoh) a demonstration against Islamist violence against the Copts:
"I don't care about your color,
I don't care about your religion,
I only care about humans."

"Enough persecution, enough discrimination,
enough racism, enough underestimating our intelligence,
enough you have destroyed our homes. Youth for change."

(Oh, and notice the cross and crescent sign in the corner.)

In Iraq:

From Iraq the Model (emphasis mine):
  • Someone surprises the parliament by nominating Salih al-Mutlaq for speaker of parliament but al-Mutlaq stands up and syas he "does not wish to be part of a sectarian distribution of governemnt posts" and withdraws the nomination.
  • Some important points from Mashhadani's speech:
  • We will not let sectarianism lead the people of Iraq to internal fighting.
  • Consitution is the reference but this constitution is amendable and subject for improvement when necessary (indicates a desire to amend some articles).
  • We will not allow the marginalization of any group or segment of the people.
  • The legislative authority will not be an obstacle in the face of the executive authority but rather a watching eye.
  • Building and reforming the armed forces on basis of loyalty to the nation.
    • Talabani thanks the forces of the liberation in his speech and officially annouces Noori Kamil al-Ali (aka Jawad al-Maliki) as the nominee for new PM of Iraq. Talabani also thanked Jafari for ending the deadlock and asks him to give a speech.


    Rick Ballard said...

    Thanks for posting this StY. Not bad news at all with which to end the day.

    chuck said...


    The cross and crescent symbol comes from Lebanon, look at the photos in this Michael Totten post. It is interesting to see this symbol get picked up in Egypt. I have to say the demonstration looked pretty small, although bigger than the others the Big Pharaoh has posted photos of. I'm glad someone is making the effort. Tough job.

    brylun said...

    I'll be in Egypt in 3 weeks and I hope things calm down there.

    terrye said...

    Notice that the signs are actually in Arabic?

    Charlie Martin said...

    You know, Terrye, that's such a good point that I sat here for at least 30 seconds saying "huh?" until I got it.

    yes, exactly. Those signs aren't for US consumption, like the ones we see so often. Those are for making a local point.

    terrye said...


    Yes, they did it for each other.