Who Organized The Rallies for Illegality?

Thursday, April 13, 2006
It appears that big labor had a hand. As time passes, it would not be at all surprising to find that the SEIU was involved. That 'path to citizenship' they refer to is a 'path to voting Democrat'.

It's an interesting response to demographic inevitability - in a 'Canute Commanding the Tide' sort of way.


David Thomson said...

The Democrats are likely making a serious mistake. Hispanics shy away from self pity and vctimization. They will turn Republican as they become more affluent.

PDS said...

I couldn't help but notice the ANSWER signs as well.

truepeers said...

DT, seems like a big generalization. In many Latin American countries they have elected socialists as they reach a certain level of wealth where the resentments of the underclass can now be expressed in clamoring for middle-class jobs created by the socialist state. Mexico may be in the process of turning left right now.

CF said...

I think the Dems got ahead of their base. Those most resentful of the guest worker program are the Dems own black base. And once again organized labor shows it cares more about electing Dems than representing their membership. I agree with Kaus, they have more to lose with their position than the Reps do with theirs.(If I were Rove, I'd run ads in all the Black media with someone in a thick Spanish (or Korean) accent thanking the community for making it easier to get jobs in America by continuing to support the Dem party.)

terrye said...

I think everybody is over generalizing.

Whoever organized the marches, a variety of people showed up. Some of them are the usual suspects. It might well be debatable if they are even all Latino. But even if they are not, that does not mean they are all Communists either. And if people do march it does not mean they subscribe to "victimization" either.

ANSWER organized a lot of the anti war rallies and probably alienated some main stream anti war people in the process because they are just so out there, but the fact that most normal people are not involved with ANSWER does not mean the sentiment in the country is prowar.

I am kind of getting indifferent to demonstrations anymore, seen one, seen em all.

Some groups are just oppurtunistic and they specialize in agitating the crowds. So yes, I would say there were some folks trying to take advantage of the situation but then again it would be a mistake to think that a lot of immigrants, legal and illegal are not nervouse when people talk about mass deportations. They know that immigration reform is on the table and they want to make their feelings known.

At least they did not act like those brats in France.

David Thomson said...

“DT, seems like a big generalization. In many Latin American countries they have elected socialists as..”

The illegals in this country are workers. Few of them collect welfare benefits. I don’t sense that they are receptive to the radical lefts desire to turn them into self-pitying victims. Socialism failed in the United States. Nothing is likely to change in the near future. Americans, thankfully, are not Old Europeans.

truepeers said...

DT, that's a good reminder about the right spirit to take.