Sunday, April 23, 2006

Really Off the Subject, But Fun

If you want to see a Hall of Famer and a real artist at work, turn on the Cubs/Cardinals game quick. It's on the WGN "superstation". Greg Maddux is taking one of the best hitting teams in baseball apart this afternoon.

He just turned 40, has won over 320 games, and doesn't throw anything over 85 MPH. He just frustrates most hitters with location (they used to call that "control"), change of speeds, and IMHO, the best pitching mind in the game today (maybe ever).

It is 5-0 in the top of the Seventh.

Take a look.


Maddux went 7 shutout innings. Chicubs win 7 to 3.


MeaninglessHotAir said...

More such posts, please.

vnjagvet said...


Sorry, I was carried away by his artistry this afternoon.

I cannot make it with all politics all the time.

It is history, you know when someone that good is performing that well at age 40 with no steroids.

At least as historic as the Duke Lacrosse story, IMHO.

One man's history is another's frivolity, I suppose.

vnjagvet said...


BTW, are you by chance a Cardinals fan?

MeaninglessHotAir said...

I was a Cardinals fan when I was a boy. Now I'm a Rockies fan of course! For what that's worth. :-(

MeaninglessHotAir said...

And I agree, the all politics all the time is just too much.

Morgan said...

Agreed about the "all politics, all the time" format.

I'm a Cards fan, but this game was still fun to watch. Maddux was too good. He usually is.

brylun said...

And I too took a break from politics.

I was in Toronto this week to take my son to a Yankee/Blue Jays game on Wednesday afternoon with Mike Mussina pitching and Mariano Rivera closing. A great sunny and warm day - got sunburned.

Then we went to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

David Thomson said...

“And I agree, the all politics all the time is just too much.”

But this is about politics! The Chicago Cubs have long been exploited by the capitalist scum bags who run baseball. This is why they have not won a World Series in about a century. Greg Maddux represents the masses brave enough to throw off their chains and defeat their oppressors.

Rick Ballard said...

Irregular regular sports features would be great. I wonder if Loner does sports as well as movies?

Unknown said...

Buddy Larsen:

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loner said...

I'm an Angels fan. Through some twenty or so years I patterned myself on my old man and assumed things could always get worse. In 1986, I let myself hope when we talked the night before game five. For another sixteen years I reverted to form and finally they did the unthinkable—they won one in my lifetime. Unfortunately, my dad and Gene Autrey didn't live long enough to see it happen.

Being a lefty seemingly trumps all as my favorite players remain Sandy Koufax of the loathsome Dodgers and Ron Guidry of the loathsome Yankees even though it was Ryan who was for a time the only Angel.

Maddux is one of the greats, but the Lakers and Suns were playing.

When it comes to sports I'm mostly chiches.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Mariners lost again to the Tigers. What else is new. I guess I must have that classic Chicago Cubs fan style of dogged masochistic persistence.

We do need more baseball on this blog. Two wonderful things about baseball are that in some way it is always 1897 and second that you have all the ethnicities of a World War II Hollywood studio's idea of an Iwo Jima Marine platoon.

I find that minor league ball is a wonderful way to take your mind off your troubles if your home team is tanking. Luckily, we've got some decent minor league ball in these parts - the Everett Aquasox and the Tacoma Rainiers.

Beer is cheaper, too.

Everett plays the Tri-City Dust Devils in their season opener June 19. Gotta be there.

Anonymous said...

Well, all the ethnicities of a World War II Iwo Jima Marine platoon with the Japanese thrown in.

loner said...

Autry, cliches and spelling issues.

Knucklehead said...

Now you've gone and done it! Everything is political. I will demonstrate this with an upcoming baseball post.