Friday, April 14, 2006

The Cost of Freedom

I am only going to do one post on this. The numbers of American KIA in OIF are not a metric which should ever be used to determine whether we are 'ahead' or 'behind'. The moment in which we publish such an opinion is the moment in which some Iranian or Iraqi bastard decides to increase the amount of money being spent on the assassinations which take the lives of the majority of our casualties.

We have to face the fact that Iraqi Ba'athists and the Iranian mullahocracy are counting on the seditionists in the Democratic Party and their willing enablers in the MSM to provide a victory that force of arms can never achieve. If we point to a decrease in KIA numbers, we can rest assured that the terrorist bastards on the other side will note that fact and react. We simply cannot forget that America's worst enemies live right here with us, giving hope to mullahs every day.

The metric for success in the Middle East in eradicating the terrorist threat is not fewer American KIA but more dead mullahs - Iranian or Saudi Arabian makes no difference.


David Thomson said...

“We simply cannot forget that America's worst enemies live right here with us, giving hope to mullahs every day.”

Objectively speaking, large numbers of the Democrat Party are the enemy of our soldiers fighting in Iraq. They may be too stupid to realize the harm caused by their shenanigans. Whatever, the results are the same. Except for a few relatively rare exceptions, one can no longer justifiably vote for a Democratic candidate in contests for the presidency and both houses of Congress.

Luther said...

Well, I was going to excerpt the same sentence as DT, of course. That is the meat of the matter. You can dress it in whatever clothes you like, but there is no denying that a substantial portion of this country wishes us to lose in Iraq. Not only lose, but be humiliated in the process. All here know why.

As a secondary excerpt I think "more dead mullahs - Iranian or Saudi Arabian makes no difference." Yes, this is what needs to happen. But it will not, at least not yet. I know not what it will take for Western Civ to get serious about saving it's self. I sometimes doubt if it can.

Syl said...

I've often thought some of these mullahs should be strategic targets---then I thought better of it.

It's that martyrdom thing.

Sistani is right, you know.

terrye said...

I noticed that after months of decline the numbers of casualties went up this month. I think they are watching the news. Numbers down? they say...Well we shall see about that.

And not all of those people here in the US are Democrats either. If people on the right would get it together and remember there are bigger fish to fry and stop bashing Bushing right along with the Kos crowd it would help. It would help alot.