Monday, April 24, 2006

Howard Dean Exhibits Fundraising Strengths as DNC Chair

The hardcharging DNC chairman had his most successful month of fundraising since accepting this very important position. He raised $6.8M in March and held spending to $5.7M raising the DNC total war chest to over $10M. The remarkable DNC chairman has high hopes of maintaining his record setting pace.

In other news, the RNC under its undistinguished chairman Ken Mehlman barely managed to raise $11.7M while extravagantly spending $9.7M leaving a paltry $43M on hand for the upcoming election season.

NOTE: This is a 'fun with adjectives post' - you, too, can have a future writing for the MSM if you study the proper use of the right words!


Syl said...


Aint that the truth.

Knucklehead said...

He can't open his mouth without harming the party and he isn't exactly bringing in tons of money. Someone refresh my memory about why the Dems picked a nidiot like him.

David Thomson said...

“Someone refresh my memory about why the Dems picked a nidiot like him.”

The Daily Kos types forced this disaster onto the Democratic Party. They demanded a “real Democrat.” The Clinton crowd was likely horrified but unable to do anything.