Shifting Sands - No Joy in Koslandia - Again

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Koslandians huffed and puffed and blew with all their might in an effort to get Francine Busby over 50% in the special election to fill 'Duke' Cunninghams CA50 seat. A divided field of Republicans created an opportunity for a Dem to pick up a win in a solidly conservative district. It would have been an outstanding triumph were it not for the fact that it was a resounding defeat.

It is also a fair harbinger of things to come in November as Koslandia prepares a number of 90 pound weaklings to go forth and have sand kicked in their faces again. And again. And again.

Jay Cost does his usual excellent job in explaining why this particular bit of 'no joy in Mudville' is not just a minor setback for the Koslandians.


David Thomson said...

I almost blogged on this election result late last night. Jay Cost and I are in complete agreement. The Democrats lost big time. A lot of Republican crybabies will get their act together by November. Voting for GOP candidates is usually the only sensible thing to do. The Democrats cannot be allowed to regain power.

CF said...

Jay Cost is brilliant. His horserace blog was the best coverage of the 2004 election. I love him. He is simply the best political scientist in the country and a sure successor to Michael Barone.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Fanatics almost never get their way in a democratic state. Only when situations are dire, as in the Thirties. Thus fanatics are always disappointed. There's a huge difference between elegantly blathering about what "ought" to be done from the safety of your blog and actually making the compromises necessary to get something done in a world in which nearly everyone disagrees deeply. The Kos Kids are failing, but the self-styled conservatives are now backing away from the GOP and that will put the election in Hillary's hands. See David's post two above this.

terrye said...


Truer words were never spoken.