Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Left Worth Engaging?

It seems some on the Left have come to their senses with the publication of the Euston Manifesto.

To the extent that this modest embrace of classical liberal ideas takes hold, there may yet be hope for a more profitable and sane dialog. I feel like I could sit down for a pint in the pub with these folks and discuss the matters of the day in a civil fashion instead of rolling my eyes and ignoring them completely as I must do with certain wingnuts I know.

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Rick Ballard said...


I think that it would be very likely that discussion of sports, the weather and personal health issues might go very well. Politics might go well for a bit but I tend to think that as they were pushed into answering "What do you think should be done?" I would wind up edging back from the table and looking at my watch.

They're for a softer, gentler tyranny, that's for sure. "Slavery with a smile" would make a nice slogan. They are still hung on outcome equality rather than equality of opportunity, which means that they are foundationally starry eyed utpopians who would eventually, even if sadly, agree that coersion is the only way to go. For our own good of course - and with all decisions made collectively.