Sunday, April 23, 2006


Via Powerline :

On April 20, the Times ran an article by Jennifer Steinhauer on the problems the City of Houston has experienced in coping with refugees from Hurricane Katrina. A principal theme of the article was that the federal government had failed to come through with needed or promised help:

Seven months after two powerful hurricanes blew through the Gulf Coast, elected officials, law enforcement agencies and many residents say Texas is nearing the end of its ability to play good neighbor without compensation.

That theme, of course, fit well with the Times' "bash Bush" obsession. Today, however, the paper admitted in its corrections section that it had completely misrepresented the facts:

A front-page article on Thursday about strain on government services in Texas caused by hurricane evacuees misstated the number of evacuee children in Houston public schools and the amount of Federal aid the state has received. The most recent count, in late February, showed 5,475 students, not 30,000. The aid is $222 million, not $22 million.

Oh well, what the one is perfect. And of course we have Pulitzer Prize winning reporters like Dana Priest flirting with treason for the sake of bashing Bush. I don't think Bush's bad numbers are just about Iraq or the price of gas.

I think he is being deliberately attacked by his political enemies not for the sake of the public's right to know but because they want to steal his victory. The bastards.


Chennaul said...

"The bastards."


Seriously and then there are the bitches. Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter. Michelle who claims to talk to Homeland Security, State Department folks-yada yada well she is talking to the malcontents who are guess what- most likely D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-S. She has become their bull horn. Not for nothing either with Bush's numbers so low it's profitable to attack Bush you get the Liberal and EURO traffic.

Terrye I read your third party post and then the McCarthy crap and it's a little like if government was a private industry you would force Microsoft and Cisco guys and gals to work together....something like that -ugh. Hell if anyone is a mole for the Dems it's Michelle. Her goal is to get on TV she ups the crazy talk because the more radical your opinions the more TV likes it to crank the audience and she only serves to make Republicans look rabid, validate Democrats held hatred against Republicans, and to turn off female Republican voters who don't give a shit about getting the approval of the drooling Republican male crowd she and Ann cater to.

I'm beginning to think that there is an inverse relationship between how much a female pundit weighs and the hold she has over the Republican male mind. The only hope to save the Republican male from himself is to pray these two develop hypothyriodism and balloon up like two stuffed ducks. The French know how to do this-finally they would be helpful!

As for Glenn- bitch or bastard-I think he's "confused". Who the hell is his future candidate Coburn gawd there's a guy with charisma-not! But like Michelle he wants to cater to his traffic, is only in it for himself, and loves to control the rest of the blogosphere. I love how they only point to other blogs that support their musings.

At Polipundit both of them only link to Lorie and Poli both of whom have never disagreed with them. I think the blogosphere by the nature of it squashes out the moderate voice or those that disagree with the biggies.

Gawd I hate these self absorbed jackasses what the hell is going to happen if we lose Iraq? They attack the President's credibility and his base of support that legitimizes his ability to take action all while claiming the Dems and the media are trying to turn it into Vietnam-blooming hypocrtis. We lose this damn thing let's put up the white flag now.

We are never going to be able to move offensively again. The Dems have painted themselves into a corner to where they have promised their crowd they won't do it unless all of Hollywood fully believes the evidence and the Republicans have demonstated that they can't remember the guys and gals they sent over to do the dirty work. They have pulled the rug out from under them essentially-and this in effect- back stab- is perhaps more treachorous than what the Dems have done. At least the Dems where upfront about it for the most part and more consistant.

Republicans have turned out to be fair weather fans and seem to have that disgusting gang mentality of when they see that the President is down and hurting they run up and kick him! Gawd I hate these bastards.

A for Iran cripes we better hope SDI is in the works and prioritized because politically defense seems to be the only option the American public seems to be able to weather with the media propagandizing for the enemy 24/7.

Of course anyone who plays chess knows that defense in the end is a loser. But it's the only option the media and politicans have left us.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


Excellent comment.

SDI probably isn't going to work as currently constituted.

terrye said...


I agree with everything you said.

In fact I refuse to even go to Michelle's blog anymore. She gets big traffic, and I guess that is all that matters.