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Thursday, April 13, 2006
I am always surprised to find I am in the majority. If AJ is right it seems that most Americans see the immigration issue much the same as I do:

Immigration is looking to be a winner for Bush, but a possible loser for Reps as long as foaming-at-the-mouth types like Michael Savage are considered ‘conservative’. The reason is those who think illegal immigration is a crime on the par of robbery or assault (as opposed to not having a valid license) are a minority repulsive to most Americans, as shown in this LA Times poll (which spins all the news as bad for Bush no matter what logic dictates):

The survey found that while Republican lawmakers are split over the idea of adding a guest worker program, a majority of the general public agree with President Bush, who backs such a program. Fifty-four percent of the public supports it, compared to 21% who do not.

That is more than 2 to 1 against Savage and for Bush’s proposal. As details are added, there is respect for our immigrant neighbors, not anger and spite:

Most popular with the public, and most controversial among lawmakers, was a proposal to allow undocumented workers who have been living and working in the U.S. for a number of years and who do not have criminal records to apply for legal status, after fulfilling certain requirements. Two-thirds overall supported the idea while fewer than one in five were opposed. Allowing immigrants who are living and working in the U.S. to start down the path to legal citizenship received broad bipartisan support – 59% of Democrats, 71% of Independents, and 67% of Republicans back the idea.

Read it all.

I realize that to some people the difference between the undocumented Mexican roofer and the serial killer is academic at best but I have never understood exactly what it is they want done about it? Do they want immigration reform or the Trail of Tears?


Alan said...
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Alan said...

Yep, it's the pundits again driving an issue that doesn't resonate with most Americans. Sadly it does with the small fringe they perpetually market toward. And the circle jerk between the pundits/fringe and the GOP continues.

formerly "Alan"

David Thomson said...

“I am always surprised to find I am in the majority.”

I am not in the least bit surprised. Most Americans want the flow of illegal immigrants to drop dramatically. Regaining the control over our borders is of great concern. The rest of this mess can be worked out in the normal sausage making of American politics. Yes, these illegals must be penalized for breaking the law---but they are not criminals deserving long term prison terms. A two thousand dollar fine and a few other penalties should be deemed sufficient.

The Republicans have little to worry about politically if the Democrats try to gut the border control provisions. God help anyone who is perceived refusing to protect our borders. They will pay a severe price in November.

ex-democrat said...

don't you think you've beaten this straw man to death by now, terrye? you made it clear many posts ago that the republican world is divided into two types of people: those who are resigned to legalizing those who were shrewd enough not to follow the rules and wait their turn like millions of other potential immigrants did, and those who want to drink their blood.
There's more at stake here than pragmatism - even if a pragmatic solution is inevitable.

samrocha said...

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terrye said...


If you don't agree with me just say so but do not tell me what to post.

BTW, when I look at the blogs and real clear politics it is immigration immigration immigration. I am not the one who started the debate.

But then again that is a break from Dubai Dubai Dubai which had a great deal of the right leaning blogosphere in a tither for weeks.

I am sorry I annoy you and that you find me so tedious and redudant. I will try to come up with something more entertaining in the future.

Confusedforlife said...

It seems odd to me that we keep calling people "illegal". I understand that they are here without INS approved "visas" and all that. But think about it . . . if the Congress is debating whether to make this act of uncondoned invasion a felony or a misdeanor, doesn't it follow that it is neither now? So just what crime have all these people committed that makes their actions more illegal than doing 76 in a 75?

terrye said...


Excellent point. If they are all criminals why hasn't law enforcement already arrested and deported them all as far as that is concerned, why do we need some dramatic mass deportation?