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Monday, July 31, 2006
Writers from The Nation have infiltrated the Washington Times newsroom, and are planning a long expose on the personal bigotry of the WashTimes editor, Fran Coombs. Look for it in September.

Does anyone know more about this? Really, it looks like the left has become so desparate they are trying to start a war with their journalistic cousins. Who next, FOX? Pathetic, really. The last time I heard of something like this it was a reporter for the National Inquirer dating one of the female astronauts to get dirt for a story. Told me by another female astronaut.

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MeaninglessHotAir said...

Don't kid yourself. They are utterly convinced that the real enemies are right here in the US of A. If they can just achieve social justice right here, then all the bad problems will go away.

David Thomson said...

How are they defining “personal bigotry?” Does that mean he might be against gay marriage? Would someone like me be described as a bigot because I’m convinced of the inferiority of Islamic culture? Indeed, the real threats to world peace are supposedly in the USA. It is only the reactionary elements that stand in the way of the utopian vision.

truepeers said...

From Scenic Politics at the GABlog

"What has gone unrecognized is that the vocabulary selected by the Bush Administration has already gone some ways toward undermining the transnational progressives–the human rights groups have all, as the saying goes, “jumped the shark” in their eagerness to condemn the US, leaving themselves vulnerable to fraud and manipulation, causing them to lose credibility among those helped by America and the American people, reducing, them, in short, to fringe groups. The liberals have been pushed into the arms of the foreign policy “realists” and the repulsive likes of Brent Scowcroft, whom none of them would have touched with a 10 foot pole before the onset of Bush Derangement Syndrome. The surest way of losing all touch with reality, except the virtual one constructed in the never ending dialogues of the international “diplomatic community,” is to become a Realist. While the media is digging itself deeper into border line treasonous activities in the pursuit of stories of interest only to Pulitzer Prize committees.
I am not among those who mourn the decline of the media, the Democrats, the human rights groups, etc.–they are all, more and more looking like institutions and organizations created under very specific conditions and limited to those conditions–the post WWII world in which the sign “Auschwitz” called for new modes of scrutiny upon governmental activity and attentiveness to victims’ claims in particular. Their rapid descent into senility can be tracked precisely, I believe, with the degeneration of the “Auschwitz” sign into unmitigated White Guilt.
The ideal would be to have the major media outlets reporting on the most superficial and irrelevant things, which they will be fed by the elements of the government (the CIA, the State Department) and the human rights groups that are be rendered obsolete by the turn to smaller, more rigorous and smarter groupings who work below the radar. This won’t create an unaccountable secret government because insofar as these groups work effectively, the effects of their work will show up, indirectly, for those with adequately attuned radar–reporters who are willing to follow subtle trendlines, take risks, find ways of getting inside and gaining the trust of the new type of operative, those who can do serious analytical and interpretive work, will be able to piece things together and present them in ways that don’t endanger those operations. And we can leave the writers and readers of the NY Times to sleep in peace, cuddling their Pulitzers."