Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Rantingprofs: "We then actually wish to distinguish between combatants and non-combatants. It's far more precise, as the combatants on that side are all civilians, but they're still legitimate military targets, even if they're women, even if they're teenagers.

Pick up a gun and aim it, you make yourself a combatant no matter your gender and no matter what clothes you wear. Let Hezbollah put a missile battery in your home, your home is no longer a domicile, and a protected site, it becomes a legitimate military target. If an apartment building is actually used as a barracks for combatants, even if it's in a neighborhood with non-combatants in it, it's a legitimate target if the attacking force has reasonable hope of being able to target it without non-combatant casualties out of proportion to the military advantage that comes with destroying the target. (Which is why all these people taking the Hezbollah guided tour aren't really learning anything useful -- except to Hezbollah propagandists.)"


Peter UK said...

Looks as if the Iranians are willing to fight to the last Lebonese.

terrye said...

I think Coehn might have been taken by surprise at the reaction to his Israel is a mistake article and now he is trying to make up for it.