Syria Offers Information on Beirut Al Qaida Cells

Monday, July 24, 2006
In the Bullpen » Syria Offers Information on Beruit Al Qaida Cells: "With this statement, Syria confirms they know where Al Qaida cells are inside Beruit and admits they were forming when Syrian soldiers were inside Lebanon, but they did nothing about it. While Syria seems to want to come clean and shed some of the international community’s thoughts upon the nation, their reconciliation speaks volumes as to the nation’s, not support necessarily, but lackadaisical attitude towards both radical Islam and international terrorist groups.

Syria is very much acting like a puppet being paraded around by Iran, though if we have learned anything over the course of three decades it is that Iran is more than confortable using Arabs as pawns in their games to attack Israel and increase the nation’s influence in the region. There’s a part of me that wishes we could somehow wrestle the subservient Syria away from their Iranian lords, but emotion aside, logic dictates that would not only be a tall order but damn near impossible especially when Syria’s concession is locating Al Qaida terrorist cells that the nation has admittedly known about for at least one year."


Eric Blair said...

This is old. The Persians have always used Arabs as pawns. I sometimes feel like I'm watching the 2nd or 3rd century again.