What the Hell

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
This is getting out of hand.


Rick Ballard said...

The real nuttiness will start in mid-November when the election results sink in. Seixon knew what he was doing. The reward for sowing the wind doesn't change.

The sites he visited exist to promulgate propaganda, not one of them is worthy of anything but contempt to begin with. Pointing that out wasn't well received by the cretins in charge. Big surprise.

The fact that the MSM runs to these creeps (CNN/Johnson in particular) should also surprise no one. They're in the same business with the same objectives.

ambisinistral said...

Eh... the blog version of a flame war. Old as the internet.

terrye said...


Did you hear about Chris Matthews? I guess he made a real ass of himself on Imus.

Rick Ballard said...


Maybe slightly more - Johnson is making threats based upon his putative status as a former CIA agent with ties to security forces in the EU. He's a committed liar so it's impossible to make any assessment of his threats.


I think "revealed what a real ass he is" is more apropo than "made a real ass". The making part was completed years ago. I did read about his chat with Imus. Par for Matthews - that's why he is basically unwatched. MSNBC's version of Air America shows the true power of the left's message.

Think popgun.

Peter UK said...

Slight correction MR Ballard,Johnson was an analyst,according to him a "covert analyst".His career trajectory is quite informative,

Skookumchuk said...


Whenever I would watch him I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor MSNBC night shift janitor who has to mop up all the spittle off the set.

No more network news for me for a few years now - a bit of Brit Hume every few weeks and that is about all I can take.

Peter UK said...

Think of all the production team dressed wet suits.

Skookumchuk said...

Peter UK:

Perhaps the studios already come fitted with floor drains.

Rather like zoo cages.

Peter UK said...

Probably smells the same.

Rick Ballard said...


I'm with you on not watching. Nor reading much beyond short news accounts. The utter banality and tawdriness of the opposition is taking a toll on my otherwise sweet disposition.

Would that Dante could return for enough time to generate a vision of a Tenth Circle.

vnjagvet said...


I read the post Terrye linked to and it really angered me.

I posted the following comment:

If Malachy, MLH, Loser and their ilk want to pick on someone, try me. I agree with much of what Seixon says, and nearly everything he posts on the Plame affair.

I blog at YARGB.blogspot.com, my name is Jim Rhoads, and I practice law in Atlanta.

I served four years active duty in the US Army, one of which was in Vietnam from May 1,1967-April 30, 1968. I commented extensively on Beldar, Ed Morrissey, Roger Simon and others supporting two of my clients who served as Swiftboat Skippers in VN, and who thought Kerry was a phony. For many reasons, I agreed with them.

My email address is in Typekey. If you contact me, I will give you my phone number. I will answer my phone and engage you in any conversations you choose.

I personally believe that you are the COWARDS. You wouldn't have the guts to mess with me. I am not afraid of your BS.

Seixon: I am a litigation attorney who has practiced for 40 years trying cases throughout the USA. I now manage a Public Interest Lawfirm. Email me if you need help.

Bring it on.

Peter UK said...

Even better,Larry the Analyst is giving speeches to the Democrats,This needs to be made public.
vnjagvet,you have my support.

terrye said...


I bet you do not hear from them. You are right, they are cowards. Vandals, in fact.

vnjagvet said...


You are right.

This stuff is like jr. highschoolers knocking on the door and running away. A variation of that is leaving dog poop in a burning paper bag at the door so the unsuspecting homeowner will try to stamp it out and soil his shoes.

Very adolescent.