Rudy Ain't good enough for 'em

Monday, July 24, 2006
The Anchoress has a few choice words for the folks who are judging Rudy as less than pure:

Over at NRO: John J. Miller writes:

If you like the cover of the current NR, then you’ll love this short video of Rudy Giuliani. Something tells me it won’t play in Peoria. (Hat tip: Save the GOP.)

Give me a break. If the GOP thinks it is doing itself a favor by flipping out over a fun video concocted as part of an “inner circle” romp (the equivalent of the Washington Press Club gag in which pols and journos blow off some steam and have some fun), then it is sadly mistaken. All it is going to do is give evidence that the GOP is as “humorless, homophobic, etc” as we are always being told.

I guess the fact that Rudy poses a threat to the “favorite sons” of the far-right, Romney (unelectable) and Allen (unelectable), we’ll now have to watch Rudy’s own side try to sabotage him, just like the Dems are trying to toss Joe Lieberman under the bus.

It’s shameful, but it is becoming less and less surprising. Recall, these are the same folks who, a few months ago, were almost calling for the impeachment of President Bush, because he was only giving them 75% of what they were demanding.

Reagan had problems with these folks, too, recall. They are the folks who always let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I’m pro-life, pro gun-ownership and I would vote for Rudy in a New York minute. I trust him to do the right thing. He turned NYC from a hellhole into a haven. He told Yassar Arafat to get out of town while the rest of the political elite, and the Clinton WH were kissing the old monster’s rear-end, and he told a Saudi Prince to keep his post-9/11 ten million dollars if it meant dissing Israel in any way shape or form. He will get the issues of national security and war RIGHT, and let’s face it, if those issues are not handled the right way, then all the social issues become moot points.

He needs to pick a better shade of lipstick, though. :-)

I happen to agree with her.


Morgan said...

I'm starting to think that the Republicans believe they have to woo the the same kind of loony voters that the Democrats are so fixated on.

They're paranoid that somewhere there are millions of people who will stay home if they field a candidate with a wart. Apparently they think these people live in Peoria.

They should visit Peoria some time.

brylun said...

And Terrye, once again I agree with you.

terrye said...


Well I stole that from Anchoress so I guess we both agree with her.

David Thomson said...

Rudy Giuliani would almost certainly pick supreme court candidates who are originalists. His personal views on abortion are not relevant. A number of pro-abortion legal scholars are hostile towards Roe vs. Wade.

Dymphna said...

I find myself preferring Rudy, too, but my leanings only point to the thin, unelectable bench of the GOP.

Rudi is great in an emergency, but his executive skills leave much to be desired. Unless we can guarantee that there will be a crisis 24/7, then ultimately the mayor would be a my sorrow.

Giuliani supports illegal immigration and partial birth abortions. He likes affirmative action and gun control. IOW, the Mayor is a liberal.

I'd be less concerned if I knew where he stood on fiscal matters, though it's probably irrelevant since Mr. Bush is a spendthrift...but at least a tax-cutting spendthrift.

Really, do you think that if there were *any* real conservative politicians out there we'd be talking about Rudy Guiliani?

For some reason, whenever I think of him, what keeps recurring to me is Flannery O'Connor's statement about the Grandmother character at the end of "A Good Man is Hard to Find." The killer says of her that she "...would have been a good woman had somebody been there to shoot her every day of her life"."

Rudi's like that: he'd be a great prez if someone was there every day of his term in office setting fires for him to put out.