Democrats are acting like Parasites

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
I like Barone, he is clear and to the point. He notes here that the roles have changed in the Middle East. He also notes that Iraq is one of the governments of the region which did not support Hezbellah's incursion into Israel. Someone should tell that to all those Democrats who are refusing to even listen to alMaliki's address because he is not firmly behind Israel's bombing campaign in Lebanon. Talk about a lack of nuance. For one thing there are more people in the Iraqi government than alMaliki {he does not speak for all of them} and for another he has not been as nasty with Israel as Kofi Anan has and so far as I know Schumer and the gang are not refusing to do business with the UN. In fact they are still of the mind that the US should be working with and not against Turtle Bay. Things just get screwier and screwier as they try to find ways to spin world events to their political advantage.

It is also true that if Rahm Emanuel and his friends had their way Saddam would not only be in Baghdad running his little dictatorship, he would be sending money to Palestinians for the express purpose of attacking the Zionist Entity . In the words of Charles Krauthammer the present administration is an improvement.

But the Democrats, who never let a little thing like consistency get in the way of shooting off their mouths and making a bad situation worse..decided they would go after alMaliki. They may wonder if he is sufficiently antiterrorist all they want, but left to them the entire country of Iraq could be turned over to terrorists and other than saying we told you so they would not do a damn thing about it. In fact they seem eager to make that very thing happen.

The nice thing about having a blog is that I can come out and say loud and clear to the likes of Harry Reid, Look whose talking Mister. When it comes to being soft on terrorists and not standing with Israel the Democrats are in no position to preach to anyone. It was Clinton who talked the Israelis into making concessions...and so far it seems that land for peace was not working. So maybe the Democrats should revise their own failed policy before they start giving foreign policy lessons to everyone else.

At least alMaliki has to live with his failures, he has to face his people as they die in the streets...all Reid and his friends have to do is find ways to use the suffering of others for their own political advantage. Parasites.


MeaninglessHotAir said...

The word is "cant". Every Democrat I hear these days is steeped in cant. Stop Global Warming! (but don't turf me out of my new, even bigger, SUV). No Blood for Oil! (but keep my gas station open). And so forth and so on.