Let's see how this gets covered in the press

Friday, July 28, 2006
BREITBART.COM - Hezbollah Rocket Hits Israeli Hospital: "Israeli warplanes and artillery attacks Friday hit Hezbollah positions and crushed houses and roads in southern Lebanon, killing up to 12 people. Hezbollah said it fired a new kind of rocket, which landed deeper inside Israel than hundreds of other strikes in 17 days of fighting. One of those rockets hit a hospital in border town of Nahariya. There was no word of casualties."


Rick Ballard said...

"Let's see how this gets covered in the press"

We just did, didn't we? One buried sentence (probably to be edited out shortly). AP is not going to disparage an ally in the war on Bush.

terrye said...

Fox made mention of it. but then again they are not the AP.

Skookumchuk said...

"The press". The press. The. Press. Hmm. But what kind of press? An olive press? A trouser press?

No entiendo.

Ich verstehe nicht.

Non capisco.

Fresh Air said...

Let's see. How's this for a lead:

Israeli hospital slams into Hezbollah instrument of peace: Expensive weapon destroyed.

Morgan said...

Here you go:

Rocket hits hospital window
JERUSALEM (AP) — All 450 patients at a northern Israel hospital are safe, after a Hezbollah rocket hit a top-floor window.

Hospital officials say there's a relatively small amount of damage. As for the patients, they'd all been moved to underground rooms when the fighting began. All of the above-ground floors are empty.

Meanwhile, Israel hit militant positions and crushed homes in southern Lebanon. As many as 12 people reportedly died.

The Israeli army says it's killed about 200 militants since the fighting began. Hezbollah only reports 35 casualties.

Morgan said...

Here's a picture of the "broken window".

Fresh Air said...

I love it! A "broken window." Might as well have been caused by a rock. Probably an accident. Whereas Israel is bulldozing houses where peaceful, non-militant adherents to the Religion of Peace live. Besides what were those people doing in a hospital anyway? Bad Israel. Bad!