Free Iraqi

Sunday, July 23, 2006
Free Iraqi: "Call me what you want but I say let it rage and rage until it burns all dictators and terrorists in the region. Just like I wished for war in my country I wish it for the Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians. God be with them and get the good souls out of it safe. This war is just another battle in the war on terror and we won't see peace in Iraq, we won't see democracy anywhere in the ME until this war is fought the right way, with full determination. With each battle fought it'll get easier and easier to win this war even if each battle looked like it's very hard to win on its own. There are not so many left of them who are willing to go that far, to open war. Syria and Iran are the toughest and so far others are fighting on their behalf but they have only so much resources and so much space."


terrye said...

I was wondering about this myself.

Some people said the American Civil War was just a continuation of the Revolution. It had to happen to finish the job. I do not know if I can justify the deaths of 600,000 Americans that easily but the truth is the South had to be brought back to reality, a reality that said there was no place for human slavery in the world, not in the 19th century.

Perhaps the ME is like that as well. Maybe people have to be forced to live with the reality of their choices and forced to fight for them before they understand that Islamic terrorism devours everyone it touches, including the terrorists.