You Broke My Heart, Fuad.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Does Saniora like to fish?

Dayfdd at Big Lizard awards the first Rummy.
"Thank you, Condoleezza Rice, for not being Colin Powell."


terrye said...

I agree with Big Lizard. I wonder what the lebanese thought was going to happen when Hezbellah setup housekeeping on that border? Israel occupied the country for years, until should have occured to them they might come back.

Peter UK said...

I see she holds the knife in her right hand.

chuck said...


Knife? To be precise, she only uses daggers and stilettos. Right tool for the job and all that.

Condi reminds me a bit of a petite Taiwanese student I knew. If you had just met her and noticed the cute plastic turtle barrettes she wore in her hair you might have thought she was a pretty little flower. You would have been wrong. Tough as nails and ready for a fight with anyone who crossed her. Condi has that same look in her eye.

Rick Ballard said...


SHe's definitely tough enough but I don't think that she'll do the work herself. She reminds me of Michael - someone will take Fuad fishing.

Peter UK said...

On closer examination,it could be the right knee.