The Proper Response

Sunday, July 30, 2006
Obadiah Shofer provides a very clear reply to questions raised concerning Kfar Kana. I would strongly suggest scrolling back through his previous postings to gain insight into what at least one person in the Israeli military sees as primary problems.

Hezbullah Trophy Shots

Take a good look at how propaganda is generated. BTW where are the parents? All killed? Or have the Hezzies been collecting kids bodies for a few days to haul to a building hit by the Israelis? Is the dust on the first kid Hezzie makeup on a body gone a little too far to be convincing as having died recently?


Syl said...

This kind of photo-journalistic propaganda has been going on in Gaza and the West Bank for a long time. Awareness has begun to seep into the American public. But not yet elsewhere.

Also after our airstrike in Wana.

And in Iraq. Yet the world outcry didn't stop us.

All we can do is point it out when it's discovered. I guess I feel rather fatalistic about it because I can't see how it can be stopped.

In the short term this propaganda hurts Israel. In the long term swallowing it is fatal for the Arab world.

Rick Ballard said...


Eventually a UAV is going to catch the ambulances delivering the bodies to one of these places. I have no doubt that is precisely what they do.

chuck said...

Here's what I posted at Totten's place a while back.

As an aside, I distrust photos as they are easily manipulated for propaganda purposes. Lighting, angle, coloration, focus, f-stop, cropping, posing, selection... all work in evil synergy to make photography the preferred medium for propaganda and lies. Professional photographers and photo editors should probably be considered psychopaths, liars, and con artists unless they come with three references from people you trust ;)

truepeers said...

Loathesome people indeed; if only we could get one of them to report it!

I will have to check out the Samson Blinded blog in depth. Clearly, Israel will have to overcome the present immersion of its "intelligentsia" in white guilt and acquire the knowledge of how to commit to Machiavellian moments if it is to survive, in either the short or the long term.

chuck said...

Clearly, Israel will have to overcome the present immersion of its "intelligentsia" in white guilt...

I think Israel is essentially European: socialist, parliamentary, mediterranian, and containing people from that sorry continent. That, together with the importance attached to European opinion, is no doubt debilitating. Then too, Israel hasn't fought a serious war in thirty three years. I expect adjustments will be made.

terrye said...

It is all a game. What amazes me is the serious political analysts play this game as well. I made the mistake of watching Juan Williams on Fox Sunday. Dense, is the only word that works.

Syl said...

Dense, is the only word that works.

It's the combination of belief that 'dialog' and diplomacy is the cure for all ills and the belief in magic.

You know, get everybody together and talk, then magic happens, then go on to the next step which relies on the magic outcome of the previous step to work.

Call a ceasefire.
Fighting magically stops.
Bring in an international force.
The force magically is given the proper rules of engagement.
Disarm Hezbollah.
Now Hezbollah can fire rockets at Israel, and if Israel responds they'll not only kill civilians but members of that international force as well.

The Israelis are fighting with one hand tied behind their back. A ceasefire and international force will simply tie their other hand too.

Peter UK said...

There are several strand that militate against convincing the liberal left that such vile propaganda is taking place.
Firstly,the LL is too "civilised" to envisage there are those so degenerate that they would use the corpses of children as props.
That anyone who would wish to investigate such happenings is ghoulish in the extreme,no do they "study war no more" but they don't look at anything nasty.
Lastly,there are the "Fake but accurate" believers,that for the oppressed anything is legitimate.