See Florence King Demolish Ann Coulter

Thursday, July 27, 2006
NR / Digital Article: "Wondering what life in America would be like if Coulter used a stiletto instead of a sledgehammer is a tempting but futile excursion into dreamland. Suppose, for example, she was confronted, like Jennie Churchill, with a pompous young man who boasted that his financйe’s virtue was “priced above rubies.” Without missing a beat, Jennie said, “Try diamonds.” But if the young man said the same thing to Coulter?

“The godless liberals are trying to link Pat Robertson to Charles Taylor’s diamond-smuggling cartel in Liberia while they cry crocodile tears over the poor starving Africans they’re helping to starve by conniving with radical ANC goons trained by Winnie Mandela who controls every mine in South Africa, all because they hate Robertson’s Christian beliefs so much they’ll be cheering and dancing in the streets if Taylor and the God-hating Marxists succeed in smearing him!” "


Knucklehead said...

Florence King! What a woman!

CNN has the loudest whoosh, a harsh wheezing sound so labored that at first I thought it was me.

Who is Ann Coulter?

CF said...

I love Florence King. she did a piece on Bill Clinton that still is the best ever written.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Some unpleasant things like Ann Coulter are noxious yet essentially harmless. It is best to avoid thinking of them.