Friday, July 28, 2006
UN ambulance (can you say "war crime" and "violation of the Geneva Conventions"? I knew you could) transporting Palestinian fighters.

YouTube video, who knows where it really came from, but it would be quite a production to fake it.


CF said...

I think this is an oldie which the Israelis released at least a year ago when there was a public outcry because they insisted on searching ambulances at the border.

crosspatch said...

According to LGF in a May 28, 2004 posting:

Access Middle East, an excellent new site, has video footage of Palestinian terrorists using UN ambulances—Reuters video shot on May 11, the day that an IDF APC was blown up. For some reason it was not aired on the media that day, or for 2 weeks thereafter, until Israel’s channel 10 aired it two days ago.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

War crimes are only for Western imperialistic phallocentric societies. Designated Victim non-Western societies could never possibly commit a war crime. MoveOn, dude.