Modern Warfare

Sunday, July 30, 2006
Varifrank: Hezbollah Gameplan
  1. Launch missiles into Israel. Kill civilians. World press remains silent.

  2. Israel detects missile launch, performs reconnisance.

  3. Israel drops leaflets telling civilians to leave the area of missile launch.

  4. Hezbollah fills building where launch took place with women and children.

  5. Israel attacks site of missile launch.

  6. Women and children killed.

  7. World press condems shocking attack by Israel.

Now, remind me. Who started the war?


terrye said...

A decade ago Israel went after Hezbellah in Operation Grapes of Wrath. It ended when 100 civilians were killed in Qana.

fast forward.

Hezbellah wants a cease fire to lick its wounds and rearm. How better to get it than to recreate the events that lead to the last cease fire? So get civilians killed, it is not as if they give a damn about these people.

And you know what? The Lebanese are reminding me of the Vichy more and more everyday. If they really want to make heroes of Hezbellah then why should I or any American consider them allies? Hezbellah still brags about the American Marines they murdered. They still chant Death to America when they have their rallies, so exactly why should I feel sorry for the same people who harbor Hezbellah and allow them to become part of the government? Hell the PM was thanking Hezbellah for putting up a fight against the Israelis, totally oblivious to the fact that it was Hezbellah who started this shooting match.

Those people have to understand that being a democracy is not just about democracy babes and one vote one time one is about responsibility for your country and right now the Lebanese are picking the wrong side in this thing. Sorry, but I have run out of patience with this stupidity.

chuck said...

The Lebanese are reminding me of the Vichy more and more everyday.

Except that I would posit that Lebanon is not really a nation. Half a dozen Christian sects, Sunni, Shia, Druze, all in their little areas in the hills and mountains but meeting in Beirut. The constitution is weird, the maneuvering for power and influence leads to strange alliances, Syria and Iran are diddling under the covers, and I suspect that organized crime is involved in smuggling and drugs. I think it is a country that an outsider would find very difficult to understand deeply, one would have to grow up there. Sorta like some ghetto areas here in the US.

Peter UK said...

Which is what it is,the Blood and the Crips with battlefield weapons an international contacts.