Monday, July 31, 2006

Here's a guy who knows how to expedite a pro se appeal in the federal court.

I can't wait to see the enumerations of error and the Appellant's Brief.

I am sure the Court's law clerks are waiting with exquisite anticipation.

Stay tuned for this one.


Fresh Air said...

Are you sure that isn't Joe Wilson's handwriting?

vnjagvet said...

If so, FA, he is in the wrong district.

ex-democrat said...

'vet - "preparing the battle space"? ;-)

vnjagvet said...


Yeah. Really "priming the pump".

This is one plain spoken dude.

I am pretty sure there will be some novel legal theories for the Ninth Circuit to consider.

If he draws Judge Reinhart he may have half a chance.

But in any event, he won't have to worry about being disbarred.

ex-democrat said...

no, but Rule 11 may get some play methinks.

brylun said...

My sympathies to you vnjagvet, if you are on the other side of this jerk. When pro se litigants lose they often sue the opposing attorneys and judges.

Syl said...

You know, I haven't a clue what you all are talking about.

vnjagvet said...


Fortunately, this was sent me by a friend. I thought it was funny. I am not involved in any way.


We are making fun of the litigant who filed the uploaded "notice of appeal". It is a copy of a geniuine pleading filed in a Federal District Court in Washington to initiate the appeal of an actual civil case. The pleading was filed by a "pro se" party (one not represented by counsel).

The joke is this is not the way to favorably impress the people who will decide the case.

The question is, "what could he be thinking"?

Syl said...

Okay, thanks. Gotcha.

Yeah, what was he thinking? LOL

Eric Blair said...

That's just one angry dude.