McKinney is History Again

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
It's Over:

89% of precincts reporting
Johnson 36,853 McKinney 25,683
58.9% 41.1%

DEKALB 119 135 30,945 23,835
GWINNETT 22 24 1,583 528
ROCKDALE 15 16 4,325 1,320

McKinney has lost more ground in DeKalb

She will not make it up.


Here is the almost final result:


Johnson 41,178 McKinney 28,832
58.8% 41.2%

She did not make it up, but continued the slaughter.

This is a whupping.


David Thomson said...

This is wonderful news. Also, Joe Lieberman lost a close election in Connecticut. This means he should easily win in November as an independent. The left wing of the Democrat Party is ultimately the big loser tonight. Karl Rove is most assuredly celebrating. The odds have dramatically increased in favor of the Republicans.

vnjagvet said...

The last gasp for McKinney was the "I will be George Bush's worst nightmare" rant.

Her temper tantrum disguised as a political message did not sit well even within her formerly dependable base.

Even the ever patient John Lewis was tired of her act.

loner said...

Here's hoping that this is truly the end of this particular farce.

I have a question before I go away again.

In Los Angeles, it's been my impression that the local dealers of the gasoline distributed to them by the oil companies are more-or-less free to set and change their prices whenever they feel the urge.

However, during the past couple of months at least those stations selling the ARCO, Chevron and Shell product seem to be selling at a set price that is changed, at most, once a week. ARCO is sort of the benchmark in this area so they may have started it and I didn't notice until Shell started doing the same. Prices are down this week and the news from Alaska has, thus far, resulted in no change.

This is so out of character for this market that I'm curious, now that I'm sure it's happening, whether anyone has noticed it happening elsewhere?

Sorry, vnjagvet. Seems I'm going off-topic in your topics this week. This will be the last time for awhile.


vnjagvet said...


You got me on that one.