Wednesday, March 22, 2006
From "In from the Cold" today:
Make no mistakes; bombings in Iraq will continue for some time, and coalition forces will continue to take casualties. But--barring some sort of unforseen breakthrough in enemy bomb-making technology and emplacement tactics--the rate of losses will continue to decline, as the terrorists play out a bloody, but ultimately, losing hand.

One final thought: as the terrorists shift their focus to the Iraqis (and try to forment a civil war), we can expect more attacks along the lines of the Golden Mosque bombing. Iraq's fledgling security forces may face their gravest challenge over the next six months. At this point, a civil war may be the terrorists' only viable, long-term option for sustaining their campaign, and defeating the Americans.

Today's quiz: if someone is saying there's a civil war, who's interests are being served?