Once Upon A Time - A Reply to Seneca the Younger

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Neo-neocon has a post up today that is a reminder of a time when media had a function within society. Today it proclaims itself apart, a "neutral" observer, above and beyond the society it purports to observe. The profession of neutrality serves media's purposes when it is used to connote the perpetuation of their lie concerning being non-partisan but neutrality in war time is a true luxury good.

There is an element of neutrality to pacifism and that common element makes George Orwell's essay'Pacificism and the War' as relevant today as when it was written in 1942. The media today are as objectively pro-Islamofascist as any pacificist described by Orwell in 1942. Every article written which purports to objectively describe the situation in Iraq, yet uses terms such as "civil war" is advancing the cause of Islamofascism and giving aid and comfort to those who wish us, if not dead, then their chattels.

The Iraqi Security Forces themselves will finish off those commiting the acts of terrorism that the media elevates to the status of 'civil war'. It will take some time but the security forces continue to prove themselves on a daily basis - and they continue to become more effective with each passing week. The battle in Iraq is drawing to a close but there is no reason to think that it will be the final battle as long as Iran continues to support terrorism. Beyond Iran, there are elements within Pakistan and Saudi Arabia that must be dealt with but there is reason to hope that dealing with them will not require the use of military force. The same cannot be said for Iran at this time. It is possible that the mullahs will renounce terrorism but their history since assuming power makes it a very slim possibility.

The answer to Seneca's question is that the media's use of the term 'civil war' serves the Islamofascists. Rather unsurprising considering that they have acted as objective supporters of Islamofascism since soon after the initial attacks.

Norman Rockwell passed on in 1978. He had seen the beginning of media's descent but he was fortunate not to have lived to see the media of which he was a part descend to the level that they occupy today. They are definitely apart from, rather than a part of the society upon which they feed. They are also a luxury good unworthy of being read or watched until they come to the realization of their error. If they are destroyed prior to coming to their senses, society will have lost nothing more than an enemy.


CF said...

Whew, Rick..Sometimes I think you are reading my mind ! (If you haven't read Chris Hitchens this week, do it.Another point of light in this darkness.)

Seneca the Younger said...

Well, I actually thought it was a rhetorical question, but I like the results anyway.