Feingold's Follies

Friday, March 31, 2006

Terrorist's rights activist Russ Feingold participated in Senate hearings today concerning his proposed censure of the President for too actively seeking to learn the substance of communications between al Queada leadership and those to whom they wish to speak in the United States. The gist of Feingold's argument appears to be that al Queada deserves protection in its communications on the level afforded to communications between citizens of the United States within the United States.

Noted Constitutional scholar (although disbarred attorney) John Dean was called before the Senate Judiciary Committee to publicize his upcoming book "Republicans and Why I Hate Them" and to provide insight as to the depths of degradation to which a human being might sink.

On the House side, it is anticipated that John Conyers will call additional hearings concerning his burning desire to impeach the President due to the President having won the last election. Conyers has reserved House Janitor's Closet 212C for all of the month of April in order to provide a proper setting for the hearings. Conyers is best noted for... well, nothing, actually.

The outcome of today's hearings is expected to equal in puerility any of the futile gestures made by Feingold in his Senate career. Feingold's call for censure of the President does have some strong, if silent, support from Senators Jay Rockefeller and Dick Durbin, both of whom are desperately hoping to avoid censure by the Senate for disclosing classified information regarding the top secret NSA terrorist surveillance program.


Fresh Air said...

Small correction, Rick: Actually, Feingold represents the Republic of Madison, which is somewhat more sympathetic to Al Qaeda than Tora Bora.

There are many similarities, with some differences. For instance, instead of being forced to wear burqas, women in Madison are not allowed to shave their legs or armpits.

terrye said...

What can he hope to accomplish?

Rick Ballard said...


The tactic is tied to "the appearance of misconduct". It's cover for Rockefeller and Durbin. When (and if) the Senate ethics committee jerks their sorry butts in for a discussion of why they should not be censured their rebuttal will be "serious questions have been raised concerning the legality...". This particular crockorama also allows for 'Scott's verdict" Spector to mouth off a bit more and try and circumscribe the Executive.

Just another touch of masterful buffoonery by the Clown Corps. It's simply amazing that our elected representatives command the level of respect which polls say they have.

Knucklehead said...

It's simply amazing that our elected representatives command the level of respect which polls say they have.

Oh, Idunno, Rick. They could well be bottomed out. It wouldn't suprise me if Benedict Arnold, or even Charles Manson, commanded similar levels of "respect" if polls were conducted to test it.

Syl said...

It's like they've totally lost any hold on reality they ever had. And it all stems from abject delusional hatred of one friggin' man.

Their behavior is insane. I wonder if any of them will 'wake up' one day and wonder WTF they were thinking?

Peter UK said...

Surely Mohammed Atta should have been afforded the right to ring home in privacy and say "Look at me Ma!"

CF said...

Why do people waste good money at comedy clubs which don't come close to what we get for nothing on Capitol Hill.

Barry Dauphin said...

Ex-Nixon aide backs censuring Bush.
So reads the link on CNN. Headlines are interesting. Of course, the implication is that even hyper conservative Republican war mongers think Bush did wrong. Expect this to play out for a while. As long as the issue can be dragged around without really getting to the bottom of it, the Dems will try to milk this cow for all it's worth in the effort to take Congress. But it's a long way from November.

Syl said...

Kristol had a good suggestion for those cowardly REPs in Congress.

They should propose the opposite of the censure. Something that praises the president for his actions using the NSA to keep our country safe.

Make the Dems put up or shut up.

The Republicans are just sitting there taking it like little lost lambs.