Sunday, March 26, 2006
Here are six core principles of a peaceful and prosperous society followed by almost all Americans in their private lives, regardless of politics. First, don’t initiate violence against peaceful others; second, don’t take other people’s stuff; third, tell the truth; fourth, keep your promises; fifth, act responsibly; sixth, respect every adult with the presumption that he or she is responsible and worthy.

And here’s a seventh principle, no less important than the others, but sadly rejected by too many people on the right, left, and middle: banding together with others into a majority coalition does not excuse violations of any of the first six principles. — Donald J. Boudreaux


flenser said...

But if a minority seizes control of the courts and uses them to exert control over the majority, thats cool, right?

terrye said...


It is easy to do though isn't it, for the sake of expediency? Like gaining weight, a bag of chips here, a pound there. Whose gonna notice?

flenser: how does that have anything to do with the question? In fact by the time Bush [that man who is not a real conservative] leaves office chances are the tide on the court will have changed and the conservatives will be calling the shots from the bench. And whether or not they represent a majority will be debated, but it will not change anything.

Seneca the Younger said...

Flenser, there are nine justices. That's always going to be a minority.