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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Big Lizards has some practical suggestions on immigration reform. I wish we could see more of this pragmatic approach in the blogosphere. However, I am hesitant to amend the Constitution concerning citizenship by birth.


Skookumchuk said...

But the problem is that a return to Ellis Island style assimilation requires cultural self-confidence. The average person has it, but the elites simply don't. A return to those values that encourage assimilation requires dismantling PC culture in academia, in the public education industry, in the judiciary and in the media. And how long will that take? It seems that the greater the influence of these institutions, the higher the wall must be.

Knucklehead said...

Assimilation happens generationally. The natural inclination/tendency of all societies is to be wary and somewhat unwelcoming, at least culturally, to whatever the new category of immigrants is. The natural inclination/tendency of the new immigrants is to band together and try and hang on to the cherished culture they came from. People flee governments and conditions, not cultures.

The passing of time, generations, leads to assimilation. It takes two and three generations, maybe more, depending on how strong the inclinations are among both host culture and immigrant culture. There are still remnants of Scotch-Irish in the Appalachians that haven't exactly become just like the rest of us. There are still interesting elements of Scandinavian culture in MN.

As for the rest of this I've had my fill. If enough people manage to get enough politicians to act like whackjob demagogues I'll sit back and watch the bonfires of the lunacies.

If nothing changes I'll sit back and know it was because too many people were too radical in the changes they demanded for any change to be even remotely possible. People demand what cannot be delivered to them and then scream when they don't get it.

Other than the French I can't think of a society more prone to behave like temper tantrum throwing two year olds than this one.

terrye said...


Have you ever read the Foxfire books? I knew a young man from those mountains and he was positively courtly in a 19th century sort of way.

He called me ma'am.

Rick Ballard said...


There seems to be a tension level when immigrants hit 10-12% of the current population. The last time it happened was in the early '20's with a very restrictive law passed in '25.

Watching the flimflam on the Hill is a delight. PT Barnum knew his chickens.

Knucklehead said...


Never even heard of the Foxfire books. I'll have to drop by the library and check into 'em.

Rick. I suppose the tension and hissey fits serve a purpose. It is pretty clear that we need to clamp down on the immigration, and there's no good reason to tolerate the illegal variety. And getting congress to do anything useful often requires shrieking, over the top, hissey fits.

I just get as bonkers as the screedists on the other side when I start hearing talk of roundups and criminalizing people for making a living through honest work.

As you pointed out, illegally crossing the border, absent any other crime, is a misdemeanor. People are seriously calling for bringing the feds down on Americans for hiring people who committed a misdemeanor.

I wonder how many felons would go untracked and unprosecuted while we devote law enforcement resources and clog our courts just to drop the hammer on people who hire non-violent misdemeanorists.