The Race

Sunday, March 26, 2006
Washington Post


New York Times

This is a tough one to handicap because we don't actually know where the "bottom" is. It's obvious that the WaPo is hanging on a little bit better than the NYT or the Trib (LA Times) but for how long? When it cracks down will it take the same angle of descent as TRB did last week or will it bleed off more slowly?

I think I would put my money on NYT reaching bottom ahead of the others but I sure wouldn't want to bet on where bottom is - somewhere south of $20 I imagine. Unless someone looks closely at their pension fund liabilities and the portfolio assumptions that they are using to mask them. An 8.5% return is possible. Some years.


chuck said...

Why doesn't the verticle axis start at zero? Starting it somewhere higher makes the graph a mislead indicator of long term trends. *Grump*. It's one of my pet beefs.

terrye said...

I think WaPo will come in last. I don't always agree with the people there, but they are better than the other two. They will reach bottom last.

CF said...

More bad news for the NYT-SCOTUS says the Hatfill suit can continue."The Supreme Court refused Monday to block a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times over columns that linked a former Army scientist to the 2001 anthrax killings."

You'd make more money as a lawyer for the NYT than as an investor (even one shorting the stock).