Sunday, March 26, 2006

George Allen: the conservative alternative to John McCain?

The New York Times profiles Virginia Senator George Allen as the conservative alternative to John McCain for the Republican nomination for president in 2008.

Allen, who is running for reelection to the Senate this year, is quoted on being a senator: "It's too slow for me."

In the latest published poll for the Republican nomination, Allen barely registers at 3%.


terrye said...

I might be wrong, but I don't think Allen is interesting enough and I think he is too far right to win a general election. I lost interest in him when he criticised Bush for not meeting with Cindy Sheehan a sedond time. That seemed a tad disloyal and self serving to me.

terrye said...

second=sedond. preview is for rookies.

Rick Ballard said...

The NYT hit piece is directed at this years Senate campaign. It has little to do with whatever Allen's chances or hopes are for the '08 race. Allen has to beat Webb very soundly to have any hope of making a presidential bid. He (and any other Republican candidate who does so) is crazy to allow themselves to be interviewed by the Dem party organs. It's simply a loser from the first question that they answer. Neither Allen nor Frist have raised the money necessary to make an '08 run. Perhaps they will - the Arkansas Grifter didn't have much money on hand in '90 and didn't have much name recognition either.

I think that Richard Shelby is the sleeper from the Senate pool. Impeccable conservative credentials and a war chest large enough to put up a decent fight. His forte is security issues.

Now if there were to be a major scandal involving the Dems leaking of sensitive intelligence, I would imagine that both Pat Roberts and Richard Shelby would gain a fair amount of publicity and name recognition by denouncing, oh, say Rockefeller, Durbin and Levin as willing fifth columnists willing to jeopardize American lives for political gain.

Go DoJ.

terrye said...


This is true.