Thursday, March 23, 2006

A History of Fraud

I expect very, very little from the NYT. In fact, I expect so little that I find that not reading it meets all my expectations. The following is a brief example of why I expect so little aand am so rarely disappointed:

1) Story development process

......a) Find "news" fitting established metanarrative frame that puts Bush in a bad light using one of the following subnarratives

.........i) Stolen election
........ii) Bush lied
.......iii) Bush caused Katrina and directed it at poor black people
........iv) Economy stinks
.........v) Bush stinks

......b) Write and publish story

......c) Hope no one checks facts

......d)Print correction

......e)Print semi-factual account of reality

2) Repeat 1) ad infinitum

Our resident code writers could generate this loop quite easily - the Times could fire two thirds of their "reporting" staff and replace them with one hundred dollars worth of code.


Fresh Air said...

Make that $50 worth of code.

brylun said...

They will have to fire two-thirds of their "reporting" staff anyway because of the falling circulation and falling stock prices.

Anonymous said...

I'm so everlastingly grateful that you guys read this tripe so I don't have to. Thank you so much.

On the homefront, long after dropping our NYT subscription in favor of Field and Stream (or was it Hot Rodder's Journal?) I am edging closer to getting Mrs. Skookumchuk to ditch her subscription to Vanity Fair. Despite my progress, it remains a staggeringly complex and subtle task, worth at least a celebratory bottle of Woodford's Reserve Kentucky Bourbon once the mission is accomplished.

cf said...

I think the subscribers are paying for that, Rick. Reenforcement of their prejudices and alternate view of reality.

In fact the topic of who subscribes to what and why is interesting. Take for example, mags directed at women. The high end mags are full of the most ludicrous leftist dreck interspersed between ads and glossy shots of clothes and accessories that only a robber baron could afford. I suppose the mag is for mistresses and trophy wives.

Rick Ballard said...


Can you think of a better target market than high disposable income coupled with an 85 IQ? It's a narrow niche but well worth mining.

cf said...


gumshoe said...

"Can you think of a better target market than high disposable income coupled with an 85 IQ? It's a narrow niche but well worth mining."

yer onna roll tonite.

Ed Slater said...

I'm really impressed with your humor and metaphors. You're onto some of the same thoughts I identify with. Thanks.

Ed Slater said...
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